“I ALWAYS WANT TO BE NEAR THE COOK-STOVE WITH MY CAMERA IN ONE HAND,” -Prachi Palwe -(#MarathiMulgi) a successful food-blogger, food-stylist, and food-photographer from Richmond, Virginia, United States of America.

This Marathi-Mulgi Prachi Palwe- Indian based at Richmond, Virginia, USA connects with the world with her classic Indian culinary preparations and ingenious photography talent — read how both these passions created a fabulous journey of this common girl -to- mainstream food-photographer and food-stylist.


Pani Puri was introduced by Draupadi-Pandavas, or the delicacy was firstly explored in the ancient Kingdom of Magadha--from there till its addition to the Oxford English Dictionary- read this here; also read about what happened to this favorite snack during the stringent lockdown of the pandemic health crisis of 2020.