“I ALWAYS WANT TO BE NEAR THE COOK-STOVE WITH MY CAMERA IN ONE HAND,” -Prachi Palwe -(#MarathiMulgi) a successful food-blogger, food-stylist, and food-photographer from Richmond, Virginia, United States of America.

This Marathi-Mulgi Prachi Palwe- Indian based at Richmond, Virginia, USA connects with the world with her classic Indian culinary preparations and ingenious photography talent — read how both these passions created a fabulous journey of this common girl -to- mainstream food-photographer and food-stylist.


In every Indian kitchen, it is a tradition or rather a part of heritage to part knowledge about Indian spices or masalas to the daughter or daughter-in-law of the house. These cardamom (elaichi), cloves (laung), cassia bark (cinnamon, dalchini), black pepper (kali mirch), nutmeg (jaiphal), mace (javintri), saffron (kesar), turmeric (haldi), coriander seeds (dhania), dry red chilli (mirch) and many more spices are in such context, in fact ground spices preparations are usually guarded secret recipes in many households. Read interesting facts about Indian spices here.

“IN MY FORMATIVE YEARS, I WAS OFTEN LABELED AS ‘KAAMCHOR’ AND I RESOLVED TO TAKE THIS LABEL AS MY BRAND IDENTITY,” -Tipti Kheria Aggarwal – YouTuber, food blogger, cook, media professional, and a devoted mother

Tipti Kheria Aggarwal has had an experience of working in the Radio, Television, and Print industry in various spheres of Brand Communication, Marketing, Sales, and Digital spectrum for the past fifteen years. She has been blogging, doing product reviews, and been a food critic, Tipti graced culinary shows as a chef and now heads her own venture ‘Kaamchor Ki Rasoi Se’ since the year 2013.