Social media series ‘VOICES IN FOCUS’ capture profound business and personal development experience/s of eminent personalities / celebrities in an offline audio-visual interview on camera- and, then produce and release in motion picture format on social media. BlackCafé bcc intends to do so as this content: firstly; will help younger generation to understand the values and impact of personal: discipline, principals, and ethics on business/professional practices; Secondly, this will help them to understand the method of pursuing balance between life, career, and success; And lastly, the content will boost their morale, as and when they need motivation in life – after a point they will refer/recommend others to watch and listen.

The format of BlackCafé bcc ‘VOICES IN FOCUS’ is a motion picture, featuring eminent personality’s solo appearance, and it is released on: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram TV, and then distributed/ circulated on WhatsApp, and twitter.

The content of ‘VOICES IN FOCUS’ is tagged as paid/sponsored content on social media if the revenue is fetched through various categorised sponsor/s of the episode, otherwise the content is monetised.