Well reckoned radio jockey, producer, story-teller, and a show host POOJA DALAL DHOLAKIA hosts ‘The POOJA Show’, where she invites eminent personalities from diverse fields to have an honest, truthful, sincere, direct, straightforward conversation. The participant/s in ‘The POOJA Show’ is/are: academician/s, business executor/s, socialite/s, public serving officer/s, and – or personalities from literature, media, and entertainment world.

The format of BlackCafé bcc ‘THE POOJA SHOW’ is a motion picture, featuring eminent personality’s audio-visual interview, and it is released on: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram TV, and distributed / circulated on WhatsApp, and twitter.

The content of ‘The POOJA Show’ is tagged as paid/sponsored content on social media if the revenue is fetched through various categorised sponsor/s of the episode, otherwise the content is monetised.

BlackCafé bcc intends to do so as this: firstly; this help to understand the real life living of the personality; second it also help to understand the participant personality’s approach towards life; and thirdly, the content will in turn is rolled out as a message or example as to how to be a good human, grounded yet honoured, noted, and respectable person in the society.

“I AM A FIGHTER – I DON’T GIVE UP EASILY,” -RJ Pooja Dalal Dholakia

Pooja Dalal Dholakia -the first Radio Jockey to start a story telling session namely ‘Vaachikam’ on an FM radio station in Gujarat——also has launched her Vaachikam podcast on Apple, Spotify and on YouTube. Some of her popular shows on social media platforms are ‘Me, Mom & Moments’, ‘Candid with Pooja’ and the hit ‘The Pooja Show’. Pooja, a strong promoter of Gujarati literature—propagates the significance of Gujarati language through the storytelling format and hosts numerous live shows and Garba events.

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Watch Gujarat’s only female saxophone-player Dhwani Ila sharing her inspiring musical journey ignited from Sunidhi Chauhan’s concert and Raghav Sachar’s performance at #Ahmedabad, -and today she is a popular music performer. Watch #thePOOJAshow series #AwesomePeopleAround.

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Watch one of the pioneers of luxury jewellery-watches designer Shilpa Choksi in conversation with RJ Pooja, sharing the intricacy of pursuing passion as profession of making watches, and then creating a beautiful luxury out of it, in her #thePOOJAshow series #AwesomePeopleAround.

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Watch ‘#thePOOJAshow’s Episode 002 featuring profound poet, writer, presenter, and literature-contributor Ankit Trivedi-Bhumika Trivedi in a profiled conversation on the language #Gujarati and #Literature, yet the conversation is full of joy.

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