BlackChilli bcc Project Coffee Table Book


The nomenclature ‘#bccCTB’ is an abbreviation for BlackChilli bcc’s blanket services for Coffee Table Book publishing. Under #bccCTB, BlackChilli bcc serves professional services to mainstream media houses, corporates, and brands in regards to conducting various interview processes and collecting stories of personal development and profound business experience/s of eminent personalities or celebrities in various eco-socio verticals, and with these stories creating an impeccable and creative good reading content which is built in with relevant high quality photographs, and then taking these content on to execute the professional designing of the Coffee Table Book (hereinafter where ever required will be abbreviated as ‘CTB’). The assignment also includes pre -and- post production of audio-visual (hereinafter where ever required will be abbreviated as ‘AV’) version of Coffee Table Video Watch (a well planned creative production in 2K or 4K digital film), for the release on digital properties and social media handles. The objective of this #bccCTB service offering is to provide creative professional and sterling technical service to produce and present a unique collector coffee-table book, which will surely be an authentic source of information for future reference and record purposes.

Click image to to Order- Moving on: The Art of Steve Hanks Hardcover – Import, 10 December 2007

Scope of #bccCTB services: BlackChilli bcc, as -and- in capacity of creative agency works closely in the designated framework and caters services right from formulation or even conceptualising subject of the Coffee Table Book -to- delivering printable files and complete sets of mastered digital audio-video version of Coffee Table Video Watch files, including promos. BlackChilli bcc in cases where needed, also shares responsibilities of inspecting and monitoring the entire print process of the Coffee Table Book. The design layout and post-production of AV version of CTB will be distinctly well planned and in accordance to the Branding guidelines and policies mentioned in Brand Book of the Media or Corporate House, or that are in the Brand Manual of respective Brands.

Strength at BlackChilli bcc to execute #bccCTB: With precise technical knowledge of various forms of print-reproduction techniques and rich experience of advertising commercial production (in print and electronic media) since the year 1991, BlackChilli bcc has a proven track record of various forms of creative content writing, illustrating and designing vivid innovative communication in four different Indian languages — Speaking about this subject- BlackChilli bcc has produced and delivered Coffee Table Books and other such activation projects for A-lister publications and electronic media organisations of India —— all within pre-decided deadlines.

Click to Order- NECTAR OF INDIAN CULTURE with Foreword by Dalai Lama (Coffee table book) Hardcover – 1 January 2012.

#bccCTB’s other protocols: BlackChilli bcc follows the communication channels and mannerism layout strictly, and updates the progress of the project via standard methods and means of communication sets to the designated authority or observer.



Suggested Standard CTB Specifications: To be printed: 3000 copies; Cut Size: 10″x15″; Binding: Perfect binding; Cover: Hard bound; Pages: 170gsm matt; Printing: CMYK offset printing; On Cover: Golden/Silver Foiling; Language: English. Suggested Pagination Specifications: Page 001: Logo (Silver Foiled), Page 002: Credits, Page 003: Editors note, Page 004.: Blank Page, Page 005: Endorsement letter, Page 006: Index part-1, Page 007: Index part-2, Page 008: Introduction, Page 009: 25 CTB Profiles 4 Pages/Profile (Page No. 009 to 108), Page 109: Blank Page, Page 110: Corporate Index part-1, Page 111: Corporate Index part-2, and Page 112: Blank Page. Suggested Participant’s Profile: 1st and 2nd rank native brands or informative content of any good read subject; Target Profiles: 25 nos.; Every content or profile will have 4 (four) pages; Project Deal: An agreed sum of rupees per content profile to be paid as ‘fee per profile’ — where as total project deal to the client will be calculated as fee per profile multiplied by number of content profiles; Agreed number of copies of CTB to be provided free for distribution. However, instead of these above suggested standards client may opt for the different specifications of their preferences.

Content specifics: BlackChilli bcc will create informative content of chosen topics or will capture distinctive business and personal development experience/s of chosen eminent entrepreneurs / personalities / celebrities in an audio-visual interview on camera – click candid pictures during the interview and conduct profile photo-shoot sessions, then formulation of coffee table book and AV reel editing and compilation will follow.

About Project fees: The project fee includes- Art direction; Conducting Interviews; Photography; Pre-production of AV reel/s; Content Writing; Creative Layout of CTB; Editing, compiling and rendering AV reel/s; and delivering ready-to-print PDF files of entire CTB, and ready to broadcast AV film/s. First part of 25% of total deal shall be paid as non-refundable project signing fee, and the remaining balance is required to be paid phase-wise as mentioned in BlackChilli bcc SignUp Document. For better accounting BlackChilli bcc will also raise its Invoices phase-wise. The project fee does not include printing and/or publishing of coffee table book, and launch economics or responsibility thereof. Further, the project fees also excludes: First- 18% GST or any such other Government Duties or levies, herein after referred as ‘the governing taxes’; Second- actual bill/s of Outstation lodging-boarding cost, herein after referred as ‘the basic cost of operation’, these governing taxes and basic cost of operation will be charged separately.

Project duration: 3 months before Publishing or Release of Coffee Table Book.

Concluding Note: Conceptualising, Writing, Visualising, Designing, Producing – Printing, and Publishing a coffee table book needs precise minute attention and its process requires well drafted chronology of chapters of its project execution —— at BlackChilli bcc, while taking any CTB PROJECT on-board a deep thinking is given about ‘What is needed to be given and what is planned for its delivery’.