The year 2020 -to- 2024 is marked for business expansion and revenue growth at BlackChilli bcc —— the current business operations will be extended to two more business verticals. Also, with its team of content-writers, content-creators, content-curators, BlackChilli bcc will strengthen and expand its social media channel brand ‘BlackCafé bcc’ and will turn its generic content and featured shows from self-marketed sponsors to respective social media content monetisation modules. This change will bring in long term sustainable revenue generation possibilities on a variety of social media content in the format of a blog and a vlog. This projected business module for BlackCafé bcc is the brain child of BlackChilli bcc – it is nurtured in-house, and already executed as a pilot project to ascertain its success.

Let’s make business larger, together.


THE CONCEPT: BlackChilli bcc’s distinct notion— BlackCafé bcc —curates and formulates class content on various segments of lifestyle verticals, brand, advertising, marketing, and various other eco-socio aspects from around the globe———BlackCafé bcc creatively creates, writes, or produces this content in world-class format of micro / macro blogs, vlogs, chat shows, featured articles, videos, films or stories and then broadcasts such calibrated content amongst the noted audience under its unique – uniform digital identity across all leading social media platforms. BlackCafé bcc thus creates an absolute conjunction with brands and its appropriate audience. THE TEAM: The team BlackCafé bcc is composed of proficient creative writers, conceptualizers, visualisers, art-directors, cinematographers, and sound-engineers——they all conceptualise, create, and produce the content —— in case of vlogs, chat shows, videos, or films—the curated content is then presented by professional anchors, radio or video jockeys, narrators, or hosts. And finally, the industry experienced digital marketers strategise and draw the grid to broadcast, and boost this content to its aligned audience. THE WORKING: BlackCafé bcc’s exclusive social media channels – blogging platforms assist lifestyle brands to reach an assorted audience, and the curated content on these platforms helps keep these audiences engaged. Additionally, BlackCafé bcc also caters to serving brands as a professional manager and moderator of their own social media handles.

WHAT MAKES BlackCafé bcc PLATFORM SO UNIQUE: The content created by BlackCafé bcc goes viral, instantly———and, the reasons are: 1) Every content is novel; 2) The content creation and its production is genuine; 3) The appropriate content is created for a suitable audience; 4) Every content has a catchy headline, and, the body copy is well segmented with accurate chronological listing —— further- the content is short, crisp, meaningful, and informative; 5) Every content is posted on the appropriate social media platform and floated to its well curated audience; 6) Every content is presented by an apt influencer; 7) Every content performance is measured meticulously; and, finally 8) Every content is created with exact landing for a clear Call-To-Action button.

Let’s create meaningful content – let’s engage the audience.

PROJECT BlackCafé bcc Progress update June ’22: Content created and presented in prudent ways for global audiences, currently Indians spread across the globe are targeted as readers. Current content format is a pictorial blog and micro-blogs, BlackChilli bcc is now planning to create and render audio-visual format content to its audiences (Pilots for pre -and- post production and telecasting it on social media platforms are completed—these pilots were carried out and executed by accepting sponsorship for funding their production and circulation.), and for these podcasts and YouTube channels are already created. Currently the visitors and readers statistics shows: The readers are viewing/reading BlackCafé bcc content on- tablets, high-end mobile devices, and desktops (in its share rankings); and these readers are from- India, UK, France, US, and Australia (in its share rankings). BlackCafé bcc revenue model/s: Well structured revenue generation module for these content monetisation has verticals and grids classification- the primary vertical is getting enrolled in monetisation programs of various tech-giants- BlackChilli bcc has got aligned with Google AdSense, WordAds, and CJ (Commission Junction, subsidiary of Publicis Group Worldwide), where currently on its BlackCafé bcc blogs the algorithmic and geotagged ads of reputed native, national, and international brands are placed (For ads references, please click here: The major revenue through these sources are coming from India, UK, France, and US. The secondary vertical is getting connected to reputed eCommerce giants- BlackChilli bcc has got affiliated with amazon, under which BlackChilli bcc injects various products from amazon site, and these products are well calibrated with the blog content. In addition to these auto-revenue generation types, BlackChilli bcc will approach native and national brands, celebrities, influencers, endorsers for their paid features, paid digital commercials, and will carry paid announcements or reviews for their product or services launch. More audio-visual content in business interview format, showcasing various management case studies, business-house tours, production facilities or logistics tours, and motivational speeches will be created, and this content will be sponsored content (pilots for such formats are completed).


BlackChilli bcc, hereby invites to join hands in its fund raising initiative ‘BlackChilli bcc Project Funding Drive ‘20-24’ where, this drive’s nomenclature is as #bccPF’20-24 and the detail/s about its Tenure, RoI Calculation Method, RoI Disbursement Schedule, and Liquidity Bonus is/are: 1) Tenure: two years locking period from the date of realisation of fund; 2) RoI Calculation Method: RoI of #bccPF’20-24 is calculated as- Assured annual return at the rate of 18% of the fund; 3) RoI Disbursement Schedule: RoI to be disbursed at the end of every six months’ duration; and, 4) Liquidity Bonus: At the end of #bccPF’20-24 tenure, the fund sum will be returned with bonus sum calculated at the rate of 10% of basic sum funded.

Fund raised through #bccPF’20-24 will be invested in any of / all of these manner/s: 1) Acquiring fixed asset/s; 2) Installing furniture/s and fixture/s; 3) Procuring pre-production and post-production hardware equipment/s and software licence/s; 4) Utilising the fund in content and/or IP development, and promoting BlackChilli bcc’s social media brand ‘BlackCafé bcc’ on various possible platforms to increase its audience reach.

Come, accept this invitation of investing in BlackChilli bcc Project Funding Drive 2020-24 -#bccPF’20-24, and ‘let’s make business larger, together’.