Love reading thriller- It’s a #ShoutOut to the #BestSeller one- ‘THE BROKEN PENDANT’ -a science fiction novel written in just six months by Dr. Nalli Ramya -Otorhinolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon (JIPMER), Founder and CEO at RAMICOS Cosmetics, Columnist and Literary Critic, Motivational Speaker at vivid National and International Forums. The book ‘The Broken Pendant’ was listed as one of the 50 notable books of the year 2020.

“Woman, find your own independence—push back those forces which push you down; unfortunately women are considered as weak—but in reality they are the strongest —— every woman is talented -she needs to explore it and see the wonders unfold for herself – her family – and the society at large,” -Dr. Ramya Nalli, Otorhinolarygologist and Head – Neck Surgeon (JIPMER), Founder and CEO of Ramicos Cosmetics, Author of the Book ‘The Broken Pendant’, and Motivational Speaker.

As a child Ramya loved to paint, read poems, and the likes of Shakespeare rather then delving into subjects like ‘Mathematics’ — well her gradual progression was towards Science : Daughter of General Physician father - and - Gynaecologist and Ophthalmologist mother- Ramya completed her studies of MBBS and became a Otorhinolaryngologist and Head -Neck Surgeon from (JIPMER) Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research, Pondicherry, Puduccheri. During preparation of her thesis on ‘Cancer Patients’ Ramya met numerous patients and got to know about their life experiences, “If you want to know: what is the meaning of ‘Life’ -you …