“TEACHING SHOULD COME FIRST BY CHOICE AS A PROFESSION, AND THOSE WHO HAVE CHOSEN IT SHOULD FEEL PROUD ABOUT IT.” -Dr. Kavita Lohiya Bajpai, Director, and Co-Founder of: The International School of Thrissur, the venture of KB EduVentures LLP

A must-read for today’s young girls, there is nothing like small towns or bigger towns -and- there is nothing like less opportunities and more opportunities, ‘you are the creator of your destiny’ get this clear understanding by reading about Mumbai’s Educationist Dr. Kavita Lohiya Bajpai’s feature. Read this-


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“I own complete responsibility of my decisions, and I bear the consequences that arise out of them — ‘away or near to fruitful result’ means ‘failure or success’ indicates how much I was correct in my decision,” -Shivangi Shahane-Phanse, Interior Designer, Entrepreneur, Artist, and now an Author

A state level Chess player in school, Shivangi Shahane-Phanse always was inclined towards art. She used to do a lot of sketching - painting in her schooldays - she admits that, this art streak has been a stimulant for pursuing interior designing. Born-and-brought up in the rich-heritage-architectural city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh -Shivangi is the only child to both parents who held good positions in government departments. Nurtured in a protective environment, Shivangi wanted to pursue Fine Arts — her mother encouraged her to pursue Interior Designing — and in 2002, she qualified as an interior-designer from INIFD - Indore. …