Aradhana Thawait’s well designed and meticulously drafted Business Memorandum of SRI CHAITANYA GIR GAUSHALA is based on the three fundamental essences of the nation Bharat: the first essence- the deep rooted connection of Ancient Culture -and- Mother Nature; the second essence- the entire process of creating two-to-many product lines is purely Vedic following natural -and- spiritual processes; and, the third important essence- doing business is highly ethical -and- governed by a set of high moral values. SRI CHAITANYA GIR GAUSHALA nurtures the origin breed of Gir Cows or Gir Gaay (GIR PANCHAGAVYA or Gir Gaay) and administers the entire supply chain of main dairy products which are churned out by the Vedic norms and methodology -and- the by-products are made useful for sacred Pooja, Yajna or Homa – Havan (fire rituals), and health purification.

“Feeding the cows – time management -and- discipline are the key factors of rearing cows on a farm. My mentor told me that if I want to keep cows then I need to be with them — stay with them——I make it a point to be with these gaumata in every way- from feeding -to- milking -to- delivery of calves, I am always there with them. Even their post-delivery care is done under my supervision.” -Aradhana Thawait.

Today, spread across approx One Lac square feet area, Aradhana’s -SRI CHAITANYA GIR GAUSHALA, nurtures 29 Gir Cows. The indigenous farm grows fodder and nourishing vegetables for the cattle——the cattle feed also includes ayurvedic plants – seeds having medicinal properties for better health and Satvik food for manifestation of purity, harmony, joy, goodness, nobility and contentment qualities in cows. Aradhana believes whatever food she gives to the cows the nutritional values of the same will be obtained in its milk and the extracted dairy products. Hence organic herbs and shrubs having medicinal properties like Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Jeevanti, Moringa powder she feeds to these cows—where Jaggery, Camphor, Cottonseeds, Corn-seeds, Sorghum, Black Gram, Barley are added to the feed——Edible Soda and Salt are given in the concentrate feed to these cows for better digestion.


Born to a Government serving father and homemaker mother- Aradhana Thawait was brought up with her younger sister and brother at Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Aradhana did her formal education in Raipur and got her graduation degree of Bachelor of Science in Biology from Shri Ravishankar University, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India. At a very young age Aradhana lost her father——her mother then started working in the Child and Women Welfare Department as an Accountant and shouldered the responsibility of looking after the family needs. In the year 1999 Aradhana got married to an HR Professional of the corporate world. As her spouse’s work profile demanded location shifts -post marriage the couple shifted to Mumbai, and in the year 2012 relocated to Ahmedabad, Gujarat. In 2013, Aradhana initiated her spiritual journey, she started frequenting the temple and there she got an awareness about the deep impact of the Gaumata in routine life (In India cow is considered sacred and worshipped as mother, ‘Gau’ meaning Cow and ‘Mata’ meaning Mother). As a child, Aradhana always wanted to be a doctor and somewhere her this inclination towards science and biology got her involved in the research about animal rearing and animal husbandry.

Aradhana decided to take her passion a step forward – she got herself trained in rearing cows, and not stopping here she took a space in a village at the outskirts of Ahmedabad, Gujarat —and planned to start off with a Gaushala and organic farming (‘Gaushala’ means cowshed in Hindi language). In June 2021, Aradhana Thawait inaugurated her venture- close to her passion and her spiritual journey- ‘SRI CHAITANYA GIR GAUSHALA’, at Village: Kanij, District: Kheda -a small village having access proximity of just a thirty minutes drive from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. She chose this location with three main reasons: One- A natural pure atmosphere and peaceful environment which is the core essence in cow rearing, and organic farming; Second- near accessible distance to a major developed city, so she can manage to deliver pure Vedic milk in just a few hours of its milking; Third- A short distance which can be easily managed for her spouse’s corporate job profile, and her son’s education.

In her next ‘to-do-list’ Aradhana has plans to get connected with the native farmers, and train them in organic farming—Aradhana wants to be a bridge between the farmers and consumers where farmers get better earning for their organic food products -and- consumers get genuine nutritional value products.

And, while signing off Aradhana specifically urges today’s women and in her message she says, “Nurturing a family is the women’s responsibility; women must connect with the farmers through social media or any such platforms, insist – motivate them for pesticides and chemical free organic farming -and- digital marketing —— buy from them directly (in today’s digital and well organised India every trade transaction and delivery is possible). It will be a great help to farmers and using organic products- certainly yours and your family’s health will also improve.

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