“After winning the Mrs. Body Beautiful title I realised that: ‘I can make a difference’. I decided that through my work (as an example) I would bring about a significant change. People who will look up to me, will listen – I can inspire people, especially women —— those women who shy away and do not talk on subjects that are still considered taboo to be spoken about in the society. Women and young girls can now talk to me unhesitantly about their menstrual periods and problems related to it,” Ruchi Jain ignited the conversation.

Ruchi Jain is a multifaceted person—— In an hour long conversation she narrated various experiences of her life, she started with: “Sometimes there is an exam within an exam———exam is the test of skills, and exam within an exam is the test of an active mind—the presence of mind,” —— she recalls two of her experiences while contesting for the Mrs. India title, and narrates the incidents here- “I was a Mrs. India 2019 contender for Diadem Mrs. India Legacy, passing other audition rounds I entered the talent round, there while performing a dance number- due to some technical glitch the music suddenly stopped midway of my performance, but I continued my performance till the music was back on——the audience cheered a lot and gave a standing ovation to my performance. Such unprecedented challenges- I call them ‘exam within an exam’——I was overwhelmed with the reciprocation I had received and got a little emotional,”. She continues, “In contending for the title my second task was to approach village women, educate them about menstrual hygiene – speak to them about sanitary pads – make them understand and convince them to use it in a regular course. The subject is easy but the task of making villagers aware about it is a bit tough——you need to build your trust amongst them, they must sincerely listen to you, understand your purpose of serving them -and, then only will they believe you and follow your advice. I felt myself lucky to be an instrument of such noble work. I was deliberately dedicated to this task and I was very happy to do so,”. Ruchi Jain won the title of ‘Diadem Mrs. India Legacy Body Beautiful 2019’. And, in the same year she also won the title of ‘Epitome of Fitness Award by Wonder Women Connect 2019’. Later, she went on to be the Mentor and Motivational Speaker for the contestants of the beauty pageant Diadem Mrs. India Legacy 2020. 


Since the year 2019, Ruchi Jain is associated with: One- The Pinkishe Foundation (NGO), where as the Director of ‘Pink Talk by Pinkishe Foundation (2021)’ she is working on the awareness of Menstruation and Hygiene; at Pink Talk Ruchi also conducts shows and addresses the social issues while talking with Rape-Survivors, Acid-Attack Survivors, Cancer-and-Women, Prostitution, RedLight-Area, and so on; and Second- she is associated with SOUL (NGO), here as a Mascot she conducts the sessions on fitness and grooming for the underprivileged kids. In the year 2020, giving acknowledgment to her remarkable contribution towards the subject: Menstruation and Hygiene, The Society Of Menstrual Disorders and Hygiene Management awarded her the title of ‘Iconic Independent Women Award 2020’; and taking these subjects to broader platforms, she became ‘Diadem Mrs. India Legacy’s Brand Ambassador Face Of The Year for MASIK SATYA 2020’. Ruchi Jain regularly appears as a guest panellist on a prime time news channel and also participates in online Webinars and Live Sessions, where she speaks and addresses various current social issues —— she also has been featured in news dailies and magazines for her views on various social subjects. Ruchi Jain has contributed in many ways to the fashion industry too — one of her presence as the Guest of Honour at IIHM FARIDABAD was solicited by Ministry of Fashion, Government of India. As a model she has worked in numerous TV Commercials, and she still continues doing this. Well, as a dancer-and-choreographer- Ruchi Jain has done shows with Bollywood stars like: Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor, Aditi Rao Hydari, Vani Kapoor, Karan Johar; and she also has choreographed many institutions’ events and annual affairs.

Born to a businessman and homemaker mother, Delhiite Ruchi was brought up with an elder sister and her twin-brother. Graduated in the art-stream- Ruchi from her childhood was fascinated towards the glamour world, and this she pursued and got remarkable achievements while she grew up. In a few years post her graduation the entire family shifted to Budapest, Hungary -there Ruchi helped her father in his retail business – she used to handle their showroom independently. In 1999, Ruchi got married to a corporate banker and moved back to India. In 2010 Ruchi Jain shifted to NOIDA with her husband and two sons. In 2014 when her sons were busy in their academic life, Ruchi decided to revive her pursuits. She enrolled herself for a Zumba class -and- her fitness journey has been such that, today she is a certified Zumba coach; she is a Yoga Practitioner (pupil of Sivananda centre – now she gives personal classes to her students); and a Marathon Runner- she bagged the position of 3rd Runner up in ‘Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) 2019’.

Today, Ruchi Jain is a Pageant Coach, Fitness Trainer, Motivational Speaker, Model, Actress, Dancer, Choreographer, Wife and Mother——she laughingly admits, “I am pampered by all- at my parents’ place -and- at my place by my in-laws, I am thankful to everyone of them- my parents, siblings, my in-laws, my husband, my sons and relatives — I am blessed to have their unconditional support and that has helped me do everything I do, and to be what I am today,” in these most humble words she credits her success.

In her signing off message to today’s women- she says, “Love your family -but- love yourself too —— don’t run after that thing which you don’t have, feel proud about what you possess; believe in yourself and accept yourself the way you are, make your weakness your strength; make people around happy -but- don’t try to please everyone—sometimes it is not possible. And lastly, put yourself first, because to your family- you and your health matters a lot,”.