“I and my sister were brought up in a very humble atmosphere, respecting every human around, we also were taught about ‘the importance of time’ -and- ‘the value of money’——and, this nurturing conceived the respect for people, time and money. I had this drive to be more with people, wanted to interact with them and loved to understand- how they are, what they want to be, how they pursue their goals. Also, there was a drive to add values to their life. Hence, I chose the Human Resource (HR) Management sector to work in,” —Asmani Surve briefly introduces herself.

Asmani Surve, born -and- brought up in a family having ancestral roots connected to the royals of Vadodara——father worked in the corporate sector, and mother is a Homeopathic Doctor. Along with her elder sister, Asmani completed her primary education from Baroda High School, Baghikhana at Vadodara, Gujarat. She got her graduation degree from Maharaja Sayajirao University and later she completed her post-graduation from Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai, Maharashtra. After her post-graduation, Asmani immediately started working in the corporate sector and occupied herself there in HR Management for a long span of almost Thirteen-years. In the year 2009 Asmani married an Industrialist, and while this is being written she is the mother to an Eight-year old son.

Amongst her other academic accomplishments Asmani has done her Neuro Linguistic Programming in the year 2019; she also has done her certification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) and Life Coaching; and furthermore after completing her Diploma in Bhagwad Gita from INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY FOR KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS (ISKCON), she is now pursuing her graduation in Bhagwad Gita along with her PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) in Psychology.


“I always want to be completely independent — my decisions, my way,” -Asmani Surve.

Having a rich experience of more than a decade in her favourite field of Human Resource Management, in the year 2017, Asmani Surve gave up her routine corporate portfolio-brief and walked out of the 10-to-6 work culture——she started her own company ‘Skynotch Group’ -a Coaching and Management Consultancy firm providing services in Business Process, Digital Branding, Training and Empirical Coaching. Her organisation Skynotch Group also offers certification courses in Relationship Coaching, Life Coaching and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Under her flagship company Skynotch Group, Asmani has rendered services to renowned brands like General Motors, E I DuPont, Bajaj, HDFC, Aditya Birla Group and so on.


“How much ever you are qualified and experienced, but when you start your own business- the firm is considered as an adolescent; and, for a consultancy firm goodwill building is a taxing process for years. Though as a professional you are competent enough to handle every challenge, as a consultant you do not have much acceptance—you just have to keep going on, and I did the same,” Asmani Surve recalls her early entrepreneurial days. She considers her client’s satisfaction as her biggest achievement- “Making an impact and delivering results are of great significance”, she says. Throughout her career she has been awarded for her professional prowess, time and again -she was awarded title of Best Regional HR – HDFC (2008); Creative Public Speaker (2019); she is Winner of National Effective Public Speaking at JCI (2020); and she is also been awarded for Quality of Training (2021) by IQAC.

And, for all that what she is today -Asmani Surve gives credit to her parents, her parents-in-laws, and her husband for their constant support; she is a spiritual person, and she is also grateful to this as it has helped her professionally and personally to reach out to more people – connect with them, and help them too. As an HR professional’s crucial role  in lockdown 2019-20, when asked about her experience during Pandemic-2019, she says, “Since there was a scope of working online, addressing digitally was possible- I kept myself busy working incessantly on the digital media platforms for my clients,”. On asking about her goals- she replies, “In the field of HR Management- mental health and spiritual awareness plays a very significant role— I want to contribute more towards these two aspects,” and when asked about, how she sees herself in coming years- she smiles and gracefully says, “I want to be known as ‘a Business Transformer who swiftly uses conventional methods and contemporary techniques’,”

In her signing off message, Asmani Surve says, “Women, you don’t need anyone to empower you——you are already empowered; just focus on who you are – be yourself, never get bothered by the perceptions of the people around you,”.