“I AM A SELF-DRIVEN PERSON. I GET MY STRENGTH FROM WITHIN ME; YOU TOO HAVE THAT IMMENSE POWER WITHIN YOU, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND START YOUR JOURNEY.” -Seema Seth, Founder of-Design Brilliance Blueprint by Seema Seth, and Founder and Principal Designer at: Seema Seth Designs


Seema Seth -reckoned interior-designer of Pune, Maharashtra, her personality, her work, her views and opinions are penned down by first-rate media publications including leading news dailies and periodicals like Forbes, Femina, Insights Success—and broadcasted on RED FM 93.5 and other such media. Seema Seth is also an Executive Committee Member and Vertical Head of International Business and Trade at FICCI FLO, Pune.

(FLO -FICCI Ladies Organisation established in the year 1983 -an apex body of Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. FICCI FLO -Women lead Pan India organisation is addressing and comprehended to the growth – development of entrepreneurs, professionals, and corporate executives—FLO has headquarters in Delhi and (while this is being written) its Eighteen Chapters are operating in different cities, like: Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chennai, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Kanpur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Mumbai, Northeast, Pune and Uttarakhand (names in alphabetical order)).

Seema narrates about her childhood, she says. “When I was around seven years of age—I had visited an army officer’s house along with my parents—I was fascinated by the arrangement and decor of their abode — the different living spaces in that home were well maintained by the lady-of-the-house. And since then, a constant thought of getting connected to a profession of beautifying spaces was on top of my mind. While I was in my early twenties, I was enthralled by reading articles about how the dynamic and enterprising women were taking bold-decisions, this helped me in building my mindset of getting into the Interior-Design profession. I knew that I wasn’t for anything small, and wanted to achieve something big.”

“I design aesthetically and provide solutions that are functional too. In an endeavour to make this world a wonderful place to live in, I love creating beautiful surroundings.” -Seema Seth

Seema Seth, was born and brought up in the historical city of Kashipur, Uttarakhand—she completed her graduation as a B.-Sc. Home Science from Lady Irwin College – New Delhi. “Being born in a business-family I had a comfortable life with my three-sisters — my mother was a homemaker, and also did notable work for the society. She instilled the quality of hard-work in all of us daughters. My father has always been the driving force behind my success and at a very early age  he inculcated the ‘value of being independent’ in us,” -Seema credits her parents. Around the year 1986 computers were fairly new entrants in India. Seema learned computer-programming (commonly called ‘Coding’ these days), and started teaching computer programming at All Saints’ College, Nainital, and later at Welham Boys School, Dehradun.

In the year 1994, Seema got married to a pilot in the Indian Navy and shifted her base to Goa — here she gave birth to their son in the year 1995; and later she joined the corporate sector. In 2002, her husband took voluntary retirement from the Navy and joined the private flying sector and they moved to Mumbai. In the year 2004 the family shifted to Pune where Seema started serving in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), but in the year 2006, Seema thought of resigning from her corporate desk realising that her childhood-passion was calling.

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When asked specifically about her interior designing profession, Seema says, “While many of my contemporaries were already talking about winding up their lives, I decided to delve into the field of interiors at the age of 40—I felt that there is more to life than living an ordinary life. While working in the corporate sector I realised that my creative urges were not being met and I could not let myself go and decided to take concrete steps. I did not want to remain tied down to an office job anymore as it left me with very little time for my family and my growing son. I wanted to do things at my own pace. Hence, I started designing and manufacturing bespoke teak wood furniture, for which I got a very good response. And, at this time the real estate market was rising and in Pune all over new residential spaces were being constructed – the rising economy had opened the market for professionals like us. People started understanding space planning with luxury living, and thus there was a need for hiring an interior designer—this was the right opportunity for me to delve into turnkey interior design projects,”

Residential Interior Project by Seema Seth

Today, Seema Seth is well known for creating aesthetically appealing and functional homes for many, Seema has made her mark in the residential interior design industry. She was associated with Satara Palace Design Consultancy and did some high-end projects for celebrities, such as Hrithik Roshan too. Today, as a successful Interior designer with an experience of fifteen years in the field, Seema has executed myriad design assignments for many noteworthy residential as well as commercial projects. Seema started her own online courses in Interior-Designing in June 2020.

Seema works almost fourteen-to-sixteen hours a day—‘Everything in place and a place for everything’ is her creativity sutra, she firmly believes and says, “Make sure your work defines who you are,”. About her source of energy, she narrates, “It’s my ‘never say die attitude’ -and- I never give up on my work,”.

While conversing with her on women’s development and their economical independence, she says, “Since holding the chair in FICCI FLO, I have come across many women who aren’t much aware about financial investment — my mission is to make women financially independent by training them online in the skills of interior-design, and I aim to help Ten Lakh creative women become financially independent by the year 2030,”. Seema is a stock-market investor too. “I have always seen my father investing in stocks and was always curious to know about the functioning of the stock-market. Thanks to my unquenchable thirst for gaining knowledge about finance management, now I take my financial decisions more confidently,” -she affirms. Seema Seth has inculcated the same thought process in her son’s meritorious independent upbringing—her son is an aeronautical engineer, an M. Phil and works as a Research Assistant in an eminent organization abroad.

Concluding this conversation, in her signing off message to today’s women Seema recalls her initial days, she says: “The journey of success has been a roller coaster ride. Even if your journey is getting tough, don’t give up on your passion, one day your persistent efforts will bring positive and progressive results. Everyday is a day of discovery— discover yourself, deploy your complete strength, and explore every possibility of your growth. You have that immense power within you—you can do it too!”