“I ALWAYS WANT TO BE NEAR THE COOK-STOVE WITH MY CAMERA IN ONE HAND,” -Prachi Palwe -(#MarathiMulgi) a successful food-blogger, food-stylist, and food-photographer from Richmond, Virginia, United States of America.


This Marathi-Mulgi Prachi Palwe is born in a simple Maharashtrian family in Ahmednagar of Maharashtra, India. After her schooling at Ahmednagar Prachi did her Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Sinhagad Institute of Management, Pune, Maharashtra. In the year 2011 Prachi married a UX Designer (UX Designer is one who focuses on every minute aspect related to product development—the role of UX Designer includes- product designing, its ease of usage, functionality and application, moreover the role is extended till its branding and marketing) and then for few years she worked in the Indian corporate sector. She gave birth to her son in the year 2015, and as her husband’s job had him moving to the USA -the entire family shifted to USA. Prachi and her two elder-brothers were brought up by her father and homemaker mother in a well nourished traditional cultural environment. Her mother is fond of cooking- Prachi says, “I watched my mother- she used to read recipes from news dailies, books, and magazines and passionately cooked delicious meals —— the taste of her every meal has been awesome. She has a huge collection of her own classic Indian recipes, their preparations are authentic, traditionally rooted.”

Soon after leaving India, Prachi started missing the authentic flavours of Maharashtrian cuisine and cultural celebration of the great Indian festivity in USA——there was a dearth of authentic flavours in other Indian cuisines too. Remembering India, she continues her narration, Prachi says, “All my life in Ahmednagar, we lived in a colony where the vibrant culture was felt in each and every household. Festivals meant being with neighbours and friends who pitched in to help in the festivity preparations. I miss all that here,”. Prachi decided to take the Indian culinary art form global——she wanted to showcase and introduce preparations of authentic Indian cuisines to the world.

In the year 2017, Prachi started preparing her recipes and clicking photographs of her prepared delicacies with her Sony a7iii Camera. She admits that, “Initially, clicking pictures was a bit tough, I had no idea about the intricacies of food photography – no knowledge of photography light arrangement – auto focus, or cinematic angles. But, then my family members and friends encouraged me—I bought and installed one complete professionally equipped camera setup and learned all that what is needed for excellent food photography, including image correcting software too.” Today Prachi is a successful food-photographer and food-stylist——one of her pictures of ‘UKADICHE MODAK’ has been put up on the site of ‘SONY’, she also has been appreciated for her work -and- her work is on platforms like Tweak India — well, her many Photographs are also showcased on well known photograph platforms like ‘Unsplash’——one of her pictures got a cover space on renowned author Sudha Menon’s book ‘RECIPES for LIFE’ -wherein well known personalities reveal stories, memories, and age-old family recipes, the book has a foreword by Michelin Star celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna. Prachi has launched her YouTube channel, she also connects with her audience on Facebook, Instagram and via her food blogging site. Prachi associates with many reputed brands and endorses their products through her culinary preparation videos. It really looks amazing- when an authentic Indian delicacy is prepared in a western kitchen setup, her food videos uniquely project the classics of Indian spices and other cooking techniques. Perfectly composed and articulately taken, her food pictures reveal her depth of photography and cinematography knowledge.

Prachi’s pictures of ‘UKADICHE MODAK’ on the site of ‘SONY’.

Alongside her passion for her work, Prachi is glad to cook and keep her family happy. She always values her mother’s advice that ‘It is the woman who can make or break a home’. She is grateful for the support and understanding extended by her husband especially at the time when she was diagnosed with thyroid issues—remembering her that phase of life she says, “My behaviour had turned irritable and I was facing depression, but my husband and additionally my mother helped me to overcome my health issue, and boosted me to continue with my work,”. About her work satisfaction she gladly says, “I love it when people appreciate my work – it gives me that push to work more and do better. I want to be that one name that is synonymous to authentic food photography or food”. In her signing off message she says, “Success comes to those who constantly keep learning. There are many who have immense knowledge but they are not aware of how to showcase it, and they are not successful—so learn, gather all the detailed information and knowledge as much as you can, practise and hone your skills and acquire the knack of projecting your work well, and then you see how far you go and reach at the top”.

Recipes for Life: Well-Known Personalities Reveal Stories, Memories and Age-old Family Recipes Paperback – 23 August 2021.

Cover Image by: Prachi Palwe on Unsplash.