Anusha Jain – Anika Jain (from left to right).

Anusha Jain and Anika Jain -these two Gurugram dwelling sisters from India are currently engrossed in building a women network on Facebook, their aim is to build a larger community of Women Entrepreneurs across the nation and then go global. Anusha- alongside her post graduation pursuit of her course in Management in Business Administration (Entrepreneurship and Leadership) from Amity University, Noida, Uttar Pradesh——she engages herself with public relations building to garner appropriate members for their Facebook Community Group and assisting her mother Swati Jain in her noble work of Karyashala Foundation (a Non-Government Organisation, working for upliftment of weaker sections of the society). Her sister- Anika Jain, student of Grade 11 from Amity Global School, Gurugram along with her studies shoulders various responsibilities of drafting and designing promotional and creative communication of vivid activities of their Facebook Group. While this has been written, Anusha – Anika’s administered Facebook Group ‘WeWomen’ crosses 58.3K mark of its female members and is growing rapidly—the group is an initiative by Karyashala Foundation.

Anusha with Swati Jain (mother) at Facebook, Delhi, India.

Anusha and her sister Anika have voluntarily taken this group’s responsibility——they proactively collaborate with reputed organisations and connecting platforms to extend its horizon. Anusha personally speaks to women from across the nation—understands their culture, passion, business or work perspective and connects them with other members of ‘WeWomen’. On-the-other-hand, Anika constantly works on bettering the response to the group’s audience, and continuously tries evolving the group’s communication for better constructive brand building. Along with their studies, both these sisters dedicate their four-to-five hours daily to this work. In ‘WeWomen’ Anusha and Anika cater to assist and advise those women who are having less or no resources for their personal and their family growth. Karyashala Foundation under its vivid activation programs conducts virtual meets – conferences, and organises various awards – rewards -and- recognition or felicitation functions to encourage and engage its members.


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Believing in two values- ‘Discipline’, and ‘Learning’, both Anusha and Anika accept and honour parental, social, and educational institutional rules and regulations and restrictions, they have framed behavioural policies for ‘WeWomen’ group members too—these policies help them to administer the group in a much better way. As far as learning is concerned, they carefully listen to every single suggestion and openly welcome every criticism for their work. Anusha and Anika aim at global positioning for their Facebook group ‘WeWomen’, and both are passionately driving their thoughts, strength and resources to achieve it.

Anusha Jain – Anika Jain (from left to right).

“EMPOWERED WOMEN MUST EMPOWER ASPIRING WOMEN—A WOMAN MUST SUPPORT A WOMAN,” -Swati Jain, Founder of: Karyashala Foundation (NGO), and ‘WeWomen’ -Facebook Community Group, Co-Organiser of TEDx (TED talks) Gurugram, Entrepreneur – Wife – and a Mother.

Born in Saharanpur, but brought up in many cities- Swati Jain -daughter of Civil Surgeon in Uttar Pradesh Government Hospital had a wonderful childhood of living – experiencing many places and meeting vivid people — her father had a transferable job—almost in every three years: new city – new school – new friends. How incidents and working has shaped her life, read here.