19th September ‘21 – Sunday

Homemakers, Entrepreneurs, and Working Women Professionals— here is an opportunity to introduce yourself and address an elite businesswomen circle followed by moments of getting connected one-on-one with them to expand your network over lunch. Karyashala Foundation, Gurugram, India, on completion of successful four-years of its noble work journey, organizes WOMEN SUMMIT 2021 having Beena Jayakrishnan as keynote speaker. The itinerary of the event also shows an Award Ceremony felicitating winners by Karyashala Foundation.

Beena Jayakrishnan is a qualified Image Consultant, from the Image Consulting Business Institute; She is qualified and certified with the title ‘Train the Trainer’ by the National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) – Government of India and the Scottish Qualification Authority (SQA). Beena Jayakrishnan has twenty-five years of diverse experience in serving garment export houses -her skill set includes in-depth knowledge of Fashion-Designing; she is also a leader and coach at Landmark Worldwide since 2007 -here she gives life-changing roadmap to people——and, has set transformation of people’s life as her mission. She also has done financial courses offered by ‘Women on Wealth’, and has also led training sessions for parents and children on the basics of finance in collaboration with ‘Women on Wealth’. Currently, she has launched her own program called the Money Mantras System, which enables families and children to be financially well equipped.

Since the inception of the Karyashala Foundation Beena Jayakrishnan has been volunteering as a trainer in the organization — get a chance to meet her, personally, and enroll yourself to WOMEN SUMMIT 2021. For details of the event and enrollment procedures, click the link: https://facebook.com/events/s/women-summit-by-karyashala-fou/571732477596000/ //.


Multipurpose TrustBasket Aster Planter Stand (White) w/ Multiple Pot Stand for Indoor/Outdoor plants.

“EMPOWERED WOMEN MUST EMPOWER ASPIRING WOMEN—A WOMAN MUST SUPPORT A WOMAN,” -Swati Jain, Founder of: Karyashala Foundation (NGO), and ‘WeWomen’ -Facebook Community Group, Co-Organiser of TEDx (TED talks) Gurugram, Entrepreneur – Wife – and a Mother.

Born in Saharanpur, but brought up in many cities- Swati Jain -daughter of Civil Surgeon in Uttar Pradesh Government Hospital had a wonderful childhood of living – experiencing many places and meeting vivid people — her father had a transferable job—almost in every three years: new city – new school – new friends. How incidents and working has shaped her life, read here.

ISSUED IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST: Get vaccinated, wear mask, follow social distancing norms, and obey Government rules, guidelines and protocols while moving out in pandemic.