“The only message I would want to give is that it took me nearly six-months to potty train my one-and-a-half years old. And she never missed her learning even once post that. And here, the government is training us to wear mask since past almost one and a half years still we haven’t learnt  anything. Please wear mask and follow COVID appropriate behaviour. That’s the only way to save ourselves,”

-RJ Pooja, Ahmedabad, India.

“Mask makes you look beautiful, wear it and smile behind it, like a boss,”

-Tipti Kheria Aggarwal, Mumbai, India.

“Be a responsible citizen. More than yourself, mask is for the safety of the people around you too. Do not forget that you can be a carrier of Covid even if you are not suffering yourself. Do not make others suffer. WEAR YOUR MASK and break the chain,”

-Shivangi Shahane Phanse, Thane, India.

“It’s very simple I think. You are not wearing this mask because the government asks you to, or because you will be fined! Look at your child’s smile, your spouse’s hug, all the people who love you. You are doing it for them, you owe it to them, you owe it to yourself to keep yourself and others safe,”

-Priya Shankaran Satpathy, Hyderabad, India.

“In this current covid situation, it is not only a must, but a responsibility to wear our mask not only to keep ourselves safe, but also to keep our surroundings and others covid free! Mask is the first aid to prohibit any sort of virus contamination. I do agree that breathing in a mask isn’t so easy, but it is always better than getting infected which results in the loss of oxygen. This small step of wearing a mask is very essential. I am doing my bit, what about you? Wear mask, stay safe,”

-Supriya Darekar, Mumbai, India.

“Mask on, social distancing and fitness – the only 3 ways to beat the virus. Stay safe, stay fit and keep the masks on,”

-Iti Rawat, Bengaluru, India.

“Wearing mask protects both, the wearer and others. Stay safe,”

-Dr. Ujwala Patil, Pune, India.

“I personally feel it’s better to wear a mask than suffer, please follow the guidelines to save from spreading and getting infected,”

-Sareetaa Karkhanis, Ahmedabad, India.

“Self love is not just about pampering, its also about taking care of your health and safety. Wherever you go, mask on! Choose yourself, choose your health,”

-Divya Madhur, Bengaluru, India.

“With the new variants in play, we don’t seem to know much about them. Scientists, Doctors, CDC, WHO  recommends that we should wear *Double masks* when we are in company or out of the safe zones of our homes. A surgical mask with a nosepin inside & a 3 layered cloth mask with a nosepin over it to cover any gaps left behind. With two masks, the entry points for the virus is greatly reduced. Contrary to general belief, it isn’t at all tough to breathe. Also one should cover the eyes with simple glasses as the conjuctiva is a minor route for the transmission of the Coronavirus. We can touch a contaminated surface & accidentally touch our eyes. Pinkeye is a common symptom of Covid-19 now. Well, one cannot stress enough the need for social distancing. The further away you are, the less chance of you getting a high viral load to infect you. Please do not let your guard down especially amongst friends & acquaintances. They may be *Asymptomatic carriers* & not know about it,”

-Chunchun Devani, Ahmedabad, India.


Pandemic 2020 devastated and shattered the world—and its effects and mayhem continues in the year 2021. But, women—taking this pandemic years 2020 – 2021 head-to-head, well deservedly have handled their homes, and managed the new entrants in the house- the outer commercial ‘Work-From-Home’; the online educational and tutorial practices; entertainment and eating-out activities -the all ‘new normal’ indoor affairs. How women collectively can take charge to overcome this pandemic crisis—read this-