“MY INSPIRATION IS: ‘MUMBAI’S IDLI-WALA’” -Meghna Kamdar of ‘Meghna’s Food Magic’.


When asked about her inspiration : she mentions about ‘Mumbai’s Idli-wala’, she remarks on his dedication of getting up in the early morning, preparing steaming Idlis – making fresh chutney, and serving hot-piping Idlis at Six O’Clock in the morning right on the streets- happily managing in limited resources, and earning for his family -that really inspires Meghna Kamdar——yes, Meghna Kamdar of ‘Meghna’s Food Magic’ -the popular – successful blogger and YouTuber. Commerce Graduate Meghna was born in Gujarat’s prime city- Ahmedabad — She and her sister are the two children of a businessman father and a homemaker enterprising mother, and both these sisters were brought up in a big joint family of grandparents, uncles-aunts and a house full of cousins. Meghna’s mother fashionably designs kids garments —previously all her creations were for her nieces, nephews and her daughters, well now she designs and creates for her grandchildren.

Growing up in a commerce domain Meghna swiftly spared time for her art inclination—completing her graduation, Meghna got married in the year 2000 and shifted to Mumbai—she took up a job in the corporate world choosing the banking sector for a career. In Mumbai, the office-mess or canteen is a food-heaven -to manage hectic commuting life and corporate work schedule the couple opted for this food-heaven for their breakfast and lunch – for their dinner they hired tiffin services. Meghna continued working till her child’s birth—as her appetite grew during her pregnancy, she requested the tiffin provider lady (incidentally staying in the same block of apartment) to raise the meals portions on a extra payable basis. “One day, I overheard this complaint about me that ‘I eat more’, and that day I decided to learn cooking — my colleagues helped me a lot- in my those pregnancy days they used to share my work and relieve me to leave a little early in non peak-hours — I started with basics of cooking Dal-Chawal—I very well remember my every ‘dial-a-mom’ helpline moment, she guided me- right from soaking to placing and cooking Khichadi in the pressure-cooker — she also used to guide me (over-the-phone) for other dishes I craved for during my pregnancy———and, by the time I delivered my daughter- aha! I had learned cooking!” Meghna remembers the past.


Meghna took a break from the corporate culture and chose to be a stay-at-home mother nursing and caring for her newborn daughter. During the first phase of her motherhood she was experiencing postpartum depression — Meghna firmly decided to get out of this and engage herself into something productive and constructive in life. Accompanied by her one-and-a-half year toddler she enrolled into a culinary course—here she was the eldest in the batch. “I am mentally strong, I am of that mindset that ‘if time had challenged me maybe as a teen—I would wake up early, paddle my bicycle and even vend newspapers door-to-door’,” Meghna Kamdar confidently says. Today she is brilliantly managing her digital assets on social media—she is a successful food blogger, YouTuber, TEDx speaker, and influencer Instagramer — with millions and counting subscribers and followers brigade; relentlessly every day hitting the social media platforms with culinary art on ‘MEGHNA’S FOOD MAGIC’ channels group is now Meghna’s passion.

“As a child I did not know what to do for a career — but, definitely I knew what not to do ——— today, when I see my inbox flooded with messages greeting me or appreciating me for my achievements- that makes me happy — I am glad when people show their inclusiveness – ask me about baking or other culinary guidance, follow my recipes, prepare dishes and mail or DM (direct message) the pictures — and, specially when kids or teens watch-learn my recipes – cook for their family and share their home-cooking pictures or videos—I get overwhelmed and emotional,” -Meghna Kamdar.


“In the universe there’s some invisible power, which brings people into one’s life and they gather around us to teach us something useful for our future life -ignore the hurtful gestures and words that they may show or utter -just listen, and learn out of it, this is certainly for our benefit,” -Meghna continues while reciprocating everyone, “I am grateful to everyone who supported me, they strengthen me——I am also grateful to those who doubted me, they made me decisive,”. She credits her husband for standing besides her and encouraging her in her every endeavour. “See, ‘the Sole purpose of my life is to help others’, and this Meghna Kamdar will continue doing so—in amidst those lovely bunch of inbox-messages there are few messages where viewers-followers have written about how my work has inspired and changed their lives, created jobs for them and helped them – giving them courage to get through these difficult times,” -Meghna remembers the mayhem created by the health crisis of the year 2020-2021.

In her signing off message she says, “‘Women’, be happy – stay happy, your happiness will make your home happy — give good nourishment to family, but take care of yourself equally- never ignore your health, and lastly: stay active- physically and mentally both,”.

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