Pandemic 2020 devastated and shattered the world—and its effects and mayhem continues in the year 2021. In 2020 the world halted, and came to a standstill for humans——humans experienced the worst turmoil, mankind almost kneeling on many fronts against unprecedented situations. In process of breaking down the epidemic chain and to curtail down its widespread reach- serial lockdowns 2020 were imposed, and then to help keep the economy running, partially lockdowns of 2021 were laid down- now, these complete-lockdowns and then partially lock down administrative rules forced people across the world to accept many new normals like: social distancing, work-from-home, online-education, virtual meet-ups, online meetings or online conferences and parallel e-governance, e-commerce, online-food orders, and social media usage have risen.

Women—taking this pandemic years 2020 – 2021 head-to-head, well deservedly have handled their homes——the outer commercial, educational, tutorial, entertainment, and eating-out activities slowly entered houses and have become ‘new normal’ indoor affairs. Previously felt limited home-spaces were planned and firstly reserved for: sanitisation – hygiene, work-from-home – online schooling or coaching setup; and then secondarily spaces for: regular indoor yoga, exercise, dancing, painting, writing, YouTubing and such other curricular activities were allocated. Day, Week, and monthly planner are reshuffled accommodating these morning-to-evening-to-night long affairs.

As these pandemic days pass, the unpredictable- invisible challenges have started surfacing- confidence of getting over this situation turning into a confined long term phenomena — children’s boredom has risen first -and that is attended with planning indoor activities and playing games with them; secondly, regular time is admeasure to interact with elderly family members—as they are more prone to get infected, more attention to their health and happiness is given than the usual.

Conventional media were not operating, even televised entertainment turned repetitive due to hindered new productions. The focus shifted to uninterrupted social media – forgotten hobbies revived and women started posting, sharing and giving challenges with these hobbies to other women -the network started soaring and social media is flooded today with: saree challenge – to – coffee challenge – to – singing – to – instrument playing – to – painting – to – culinary art – to – playing indoor games with kids – to – online chat – to – online seminar – to – online consultation – yoga – health tips – to – funny videos — and everything, knowingly or unknowingly started spreading positivity and giving courage to many. Homemakers or working women -both have responsibly performed their roles towards their routines and every inbound aspect into the ‘new normal’ life. But, when the other side of this uncertainty is stuck: due to corporate and commercial establishments’ pay cuts or layoffs, the household economy is impacted – causing rise in many social issues and ambiguities——here, many homemakers turned entrepreneurs – giving their skills those extra miles and reaching out to audiences and prospects on social media.

Well here, as humans are finding ways and means to safeguard their lives and deal with uncertainty, the pandemic 2020 – 2021 catastrophe is also changing its dynamics every day. And, this is the actual time of women playing frontline roles, such as: first and foremost- women must strictly (absolutely strictly) adhere family members to eat healthy, thoroughly practice health – hygiene protocols while staying in the house and pursue government guidelines of countering the health crises while stepping out of the house; women must encourage and shop more from domestic manufacturers and vendors; women must educate, encourage and support other women; and finally, proactively complying to government norms -women must initiate and complete the vaccination of every member of the house.

The pandemic 2020 – 2021 has destroyed and continues to destroy houses — before it damages more, women must come one more step forward, and take charge (if required be absolutely stringent) to overcome this pandemic crisis.