“EMPOWERED WOMEN MUST EMPOWER ASPIRING WOMEN—A WOMAN MUST SUPPORT A WOMAN,” -Swati Jain, Founder of: Karyashala Foundation (NGO), and ‘WeWomen’ -Facebook Community Group, Co-Organiser of TEDx (TED talks) Gurugram, Entrepreneur – Wife – and a Mother.


Born in Saharanpur, but brought up in many cities- Swati Jain -daughter of Civil Surgeon in Uttar Pradesh Government Hospital had a wonderful childhood of living – experiencing many places and meeting vivid people — her father had a transferable job—almost in every three years: new city – new school – new friends. Swati passed out her 10th CBSE Board exam from Meerut, then 12th from ISC Board, Dehradun; her B. Sc. Part-I was done at Uttarakhand University, Dehradun and Part-II – Part-III from Meerut University —— Swati got her degree of Masters in Art (M. A.) in English Literature from same- Meerut University, and in the year 1999 she got married, during those days, Swati was a faculty at NIIT, Meerut. Swati’s husband worked in an MNC at Bengaluru, post having two-kids -one day Swati accompanied her husband in a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) activity carried out by his company in the slums of Bengaluru—there Swati’s interaction with the slum-dwellers revealed a lot about life and people living in slums, the year was 2006. And, this experience awakened Swati’s conscience of working towards upliftment and betterment of such downtrodden society — she then went on to work with many NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) associated or affiliated with UNICEF, CRY and others.

In 2008, Swati’s family moved to Gurugram (then Gurgaon), here also she continued her social-work with native NGOs. While working in Gurugram, Swati came across and met many women engaged in many economic activities at small and medium scale, she guided them in many ways to pop pop pand their business activities. Knowing the economic importance in unorganised business sector, Swati thought of collaborating all such entrepreneurial women on one single platform- arrange training, workshops, seminars to scale up their business-skills, and to encourage them and promote their business activities to the Pan-India market -she created a Facebook Community group ‘WeWomen’, the date was 23rd June, 2014. Today, while this is being written ’WeWomen’ is growing with its 43000 members providing a platform for women entrepreneurs, professionals, and kick-starters -and Swati, does all necessary efforts for that umbrella which she thought of giving to women who paddle and accelerate the economy at large.



Homemakers, Entrepreneurs, and Working Women Professionals — here is an opportunity to introduce yourself and address an elite businesswomen circle followed by moments of getting connected one-on-one with them to expand your network over lunch. Get enrolled to Karyashala Foundation’s WOMEN SUMMIT 2021, Gurugram, India.

“One day, while bringing back my daughter from her school, I saw at the roadside a few banjaras (nomad people) selling their handcrafted things in hand—in spite of having no permanent place to stay or work- they were looking happy, their this joviality struck me, I simply compared that ‘we have every thing or are capable of getting whatever we want, we just need to utilise what best we have’, —and that was a real turning point for me, this incident has made me what I am today,” -Swati Jain.

In the year 2017, Swati Jain started her own NGO, ‘Karyashala Foundation’, which works in tandem with the Government Of India – Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, and wants to propel ‘Skill India’ or ‘National Skill Development Mission of India’ -the notable initiative launched by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Till date ‘Karyashala Foundation’, through its various workshops has trained 473 underprivileged women in various workmanship and craftsmanship skills and empowered them to have stable means-of-living. Well, further in working with close proximity with Ministry of Science and Technology – Government of India, and Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) – Government of India, Karyashala Foundation has inducted six women in former and seven women in later ministry’s incubation programme.

Swati Jain’s Karyashala Foundation regularly conducts tailoring workshops -out of which one workshop’s success is really noteworthy: the workshop was conducted for the slum dwelling women of Chauma Village, Palam Vihar of Gurgaon District in Haryana, India — of which out of forty-seven women – thirty females passed out from the course; Karyashala Foundation setup a ramp show where these females did a ramp walk wearing their own-designed and stitched attire; and, these uniquely created fashion was showcased to notable people—the good part about this execution was that, four females out of this batch have been selected to make outfits for the contestants of ‘Mr. – Ms., and Mrs. India – Exclusive & Extraordinary 2021’ -beauty pageant to be held in June 2021. Swati acknowledges this as, “a big game changer,” for her organisation. One more feather in Karyashala’s crown was ‘We PITCH 2021’, a summit where sixty-five women of different businesses and professions participated, and of which ten women are nominated for ‘Asia’s 1000 Women’ award. As more information stated by Swati: Karyashala Foundation regularly conducts fundraising meets, and this will be the first organisation to conduct – host Business Shower (fundraising activities for startups and kickstarters); It also has an annual assembly of women of different segments to meet, exchange resources and expand their business circle; the foundation also hosts awards ceremonies and felicitates the performers from various vicinities : Swati proudly mentioned about ‘WeWomen Influencer Star Award 2020’ held in December. Today, Swati’s NGO is conducting its social service in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Kolkatta, and has further plans of rolling over its activities across India. Here’s one more: her business venture- ‘Silver Cupid’, promotes hand-made jewellery of artisans – craftsmen from Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand.

In the year 2020, to get connected and socialise with more and more like minded people, Swati created another Facebook Community Group called, ‘Chai-Coffee Biscuit’, open for both the genders. Swati’s honest efforts of building a productive network on social media platforms is remarkable, and this endeavour is noted in one of the best selling book ‘UNLEASH THE SHAKTI WITHIN’ by Sapna Khandelwal -the book is on inspiring Eleven Community Groups on Facebook, that are changing dynamics of people networking in the virtual world. She gives full credit to her husband and mother, both of them have given great support to her NGO functioning—she also mentioned her gratitude towards her friends who stood by her always.

In her one liner signing off message to women Swati Jain says,“Empowered women must empower aspiring women—a woman must support a woman,”.