Passing out with Honours in Bachelor of Art from The University of Birmingham in the year 2001, a girl got married at an age of 24 and gave birth to a beautiful daughter——this is what it is about in usual life all around —— what unusual happened with Yashica Keswani was passing through a bad-phase of life in around the year 2006- she went into depression and year 2009 brought a critical illness into the calendar in her life- Yashica was diagnosed with acute Ulcerative Colitis and this illness had a presence for many months. The medicinal use of steroids in dealing with this disease had multiple side effects resulting into heavy weight gain, loss of hair, and severe skin issues.


Instead of accepting and living with the unexpected formulation of life’s twists and turns, Yashica was determined to win it all back —— based on her mother’s and grandmother’s teaching of the ‘Art of Organic Self-care’, in 2013 she started researching Ayurveda’s ancient natural remedies- and, taking this forward Yashica again graduated from Formula Botanica, UK and became a ‘Certified Organic Skincare Formulator’ in the year 2015. Yashica travelled to UK, USA, Australia and while living in Nigeria, on 7th November 2018 she launched ‘MITTEE’ -her ‘high-performing luxurious beauty ritual skin care products’ brand’ -every MITTEE product is inspired by ancient ‘Sacred Beauty Rituals’, from various mystical regions of the world——and, all MITTEE products are Health Canada Certified.

Yashica attended various conferences on wellness and health subjects around the world and devised every MITTEE product. Strategically she positioned the brand in a manner that in one year MITTEE is featured in many reckoned – A-listers international fashion – beauty magazines, and from its production facility in Canada the products and its application services are now available in top Eight star categories luxury hotels‘s spas around the world. While this is written the MITTEE product price point is approximately 450 Canadian Dollars and in India it is INR 18000/-.


Very grounded in nature Yashica Keswani gives all her success credits to every one —— she says, “I am grateful for my family’s emotional support —— lucky enough to have good support from customers, co-partners, distributors, media fraternity – influencers and bloggers on social media — everyone is nice, I am blessed,” ——— further on her brand ambit, she says “I want to make ‘MITTEE’ a global brand – will keep on working new formulas for rendering first rate skin care and beauty products to serve mankind,” —— and in her signing-off message she mentions: “And yes, I want to tell today’s woman that -be good to everyone but don’t try to appease anyone – a woman can do anything-achieve anything -just put your mind to it,”.