Gujarat’s city of Ahmedabad has its different allure -ancient architectural heritage, well blended cosmopolitan dwellings, vibrant celebrations of vivid Indian festivals, textiles – a pharmaceutical-hub, or an international business focal point—the city of Ahmedabad has many distinct facets — well, Ahmedabad is also known for its gourmet culture—street food to continental serve- every vivid cuisine is fondly relished here. Food-Streets, Food-Courts, Snack-Junctions, International Fast-Food Chains, Coffee-Shops, Dhabas, Restaurants, and International Hotel’s Fine-Diner’s Courtyard- name the format and its there.

Amongst these varied food service formations, ‘GOVINDA’s’, in the campus of ISKCON Temple on Sarkhej-Gandhinagar road, is a gazebo styled uniquely designed fine dining International Cuisine restaurant. Surrounded by lavish gardens and beautiful foliage, GOVINDA’s Seven gazebos (personal dining reservations ‘PDR’) are devised for patrons to celebrate a couple’s candlelight dinner to any ceremonies or celebrations inviting a group of 130 guests in personalised isolated seating arrangements along with a multi-cuisine menu. And yes, Planning a corporate luncheon in these PDRs makes it more easier – hassle free to grant undivided attention to the affair at hand. Spacious, and a comfortable ambience with cordial and courteous ushers makes one instantly snug in the restaurant. GOVINDA’s (as the name suggests) is bedecked with restaurant chairs adorned with motifs of peacocks and exotic birds in vivid vibrant colours——chandeliers in the shape of tulips which give out a soft glow while dining in.

A vast menu of serving around 350 delicacies- GOVINDA’s caters to every kind of foodie in Ahmedabad—GOVINDA’s reputed clientele base patronise the restaurant for its multi cuisine serving phenomenon —— some of the favourites of its regular patrons are: Cheesy Spinach Corn Cigars, Bharwan Paneer, Lebanese Falafel, Chimichuri Rice, Risotto al Pomodoro, Spaghetti Al Pesto Genovese, Paneer Toofani, Paneer Kurchan, Tawa Vegetables, and Veg. Dum Biryani. Patrons who love to experiment different cuisines go for either Enchiladas, French Augratin, or the Lasagne from the ‘Freshly Baked’ section of the menu. The Veg. Thai Curry and Khowsuey from ‘The Oriental Express’ are favoured by Pan Asian food lovers. Classic Swiss Fondue, Italian Fondue, Pizza Fantasy, Mellino Pizza, House Special Sizzler, Oriental Sizzler, Mediterranean Cottage Cheese Salad, Veg. Ceaser Salad are the other casual varieties in the menu. To sip on the side are the mocktails of which much preferred are: the SOB- mix of Peach crust with Orange juice, Green Monk- concoction of Apple juice, raw Mango and Soda — in mojitos Watermelon and the strawberry flavoured Frozen Margarita are the easy pick. Finally, in the enticing Dessert portion are: the Kala Jamun with Rose Kulfi, Gajar Halwa Truffle with Coconut Cream, the Chocolate Fondue, Sizzling Brownie, and Ice Cream Mania- an Assortment of various flavoured ice creams with toppings.

From young toddlers to elders, GOVINDA’s is the preferred weekend dinner destination. One more thing, on dining at GOVINDA’S, an exclusive own private lawn renders reserved safe valet parking services to its valued patrons.

So, while planning a dine-out with family and friends or corporate-lunch just adhere to Government’s or concerned authority’s new COVID-19 guidelines, or order through reputed online portals and relish GOVINDA’s delicacies at home.