Ulhas Ben Zaveri (a food connoisseur, an entrepreneur, a mother and a proud grandmother) -a name recognised for the remarkable brand ‘Gujju’ (Ulhas Ben came up with this name for her brand as inherently Gujarati people are famous for eatables) established it in the year 1989. Ulhas Ben entered into the food industry in 1985, armed with a Home Science degree in Food and Nutrition——she began with conducting cooking classes. As Ulhas Ben had an inbuilt drive to create and establish something of her own, she started preparing various masalas at home and started her ‘Gruh-Udhyog’ unit on a small scale in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. While this is been written, with almost thirty-five years of in-depth experience in the food industry, Ulhas Ben through her brand ‘Gujju’ is serving over 250 products to its patrons across India——and adhering to proper laboratory tests, her 40 products are exported to countries like: UK, USA, Germany, New Zealand, Australia on a regular basis. Recently ‘Gujju’ has collaborated with ‘Suvaas’ -a USA based shopping brand which promotes and markets Ulhasben’s especially curated Indian Spices, Blended Spices and Seed products online and offline outlets in cities like Chicago, Indianapolis etc in USA.

Products under Ulhas Ben’s brand ‘Gujju’ includes- Dry Masalas, such as: Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Coriander Powder, Fenugreek Powder, Cumin – Mustard seeds etc. — Ready Garam Masala mixes, like: Dal Masala, Pav Bhaji Masala, Sambar Masala, Chole Masala, Chai Masala, Pipra mul (ganthola) Masala, Sunth powder etc. — Pickles, ranges from: Gor-Keri, Lime Pickle, Chhunda, Murabbas and varieties of vivid mix pickles — Pappads are in flavours of Single Mari, Lahsun, etc. — and yes, Khakras like: Methi Khakra, Masala Khakra, Plain wheat Khakra — In diet and fried snacks, the brand serves Tomato Wafers, Potato Chips, Sago Chips, and Chaat Chips — Fresh Gujarati snacks are like: Bhakarwadi, Kachoris (in variety), Puris, roasted as well as fried Chivda and Gathias. ‘Gujju’ is also famous for its seasonal production of: Pend (Gundar Pak), or Adadia, and variety of chikkis during the Winters——celebration snacks or sweets for festivals and Diwali, like: Ghughara, Mathiya, Cholafali, Chakli and many more. Brand Gujju also caters to instant food packets, which has: Variety of Khichdi, Dal, Jeera Rice and bhaji options, various flavoured Khichu (Gujarati Delicacy) and a wide array of chutneys (condiments) etc — the outlets also has racks of tantalising Mouth fresheners with attractive names like: Culcatti Paan Mukhwas, Dilkhush Mukhwas, Anytime Mukhwas, Sweet or Salty Amlas, Dry Amba – Halder, Mango Candy, (this one is specially meant for kids, healthy and full of nutrients).

Today, ‘Gujju’ is a family driven business where the entire family of Ulhasben is involved in the running of the business, but still this dynamic woman at an age of 72 years, is actively engaging herself for more than 12 hours a day in her business—the complete food production line right from procurement of raw materials to the finished product is carried out at the production workshop operational from Ahmedabad- and Ulhas Ben specifically employs mostly women for the production work. In India, ‘Gujju’ has its two exclusive outlets in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Ulhas Ben is truly inspiring and a joyous woman to meet——one can call her on +919723821249 or +918469312171 and talk to her or plan on sharing a cup of coffee with her.