Indian architecture and realty-interior illustrates well blended aesthetics of classical values and contemporary luxury——interior-design is a panorama of cultural, geographic, and social ethnic merits -and luxury is a bouquet of universally acclaimed Interior trends, fixtures-fittings, gadgets, and allied technology automation.

Uttamaditya -Ahmedabad’s one of the reckoned interior designers has a perfect knack of amalgamating various ethnicities with modern luxury lifestyle—his deep study of vivid Indian cultures- rituals and experience of interior-turnkey project executions for over fourteen-years is the backbone of his every Interior art-board and mood-board, where as Uttamaditya’s extensive travels abroad give him an exposure to modern interior vogue, colour-forecasts, and indigenous source of materials and artisans.

Uttamaditya’s first delivered interior project of the year 2021 is in one of the posh localities- Adani Shantigram in Ahmedabad, State of Gujarat, India — it catches all the attention -the project size was of designing interiors and its turnkey execution of 10000 square feet constructed bungalow was in a span of 2000 square yard with landscaping of the courtyard and backyard. The significance of the project was to compile the Indian native ethnicity of the family of four-generations members with their aspirations of living the composite of the European and Zen style.

At a first glance, the vestibule – the waiting seating, and its wall art – wall colour depicts the family’s royal preferences—— further the wide grand living area is large enough for evening or weekend family guests – friends gatherings and a jovial time-spend. The resident-work-space for the working generation, meditation tomb for the previous generation, the learning space for the younger generation —— prayer room, indoor multiple-activities area – entertainment theatre and personal salon – spa – massage parlour for all, are the keynotes of the project.

A Modern kitchen but with a twist of a simulated tree within it gives a feeling of open-to-sky-cooking——while as on the daughter’s demand a specially crafted ‘pink colour family dining-table’ topped with a pink marble surface and a seven-course pink shaded dinner set on it adds a different dining magnetism.

In designing and executing the workmanship of every bedroom for each generation- the ease of access through a domestic-elevator, the length-breadth of beds, comfortable and relaxing bedspreads, rest-rooms, walk-in-wardrobe, indoor and outdoor tea-coffee tables, relaxing massage chairs and every such fine aspect have been taken care of.

Botanical experts have sensibly landscaped the golf-club facing backyard with dense trees – plants, while as Uttamaditya’s designing team has strategically erected the feeding-water drinking junction for flying birds ——— the walkway of the backyard is created with small round smooth stones placed at measured distances to create soothing acupressure at every point for barefoot-walkers. Outdoor furniture in the backyard for evening tea-coffee services enriches the experience of the sunset. And, finally the gazebo for night-out family chitchat while relishing a dessert or sorbets or Indian tantalising mouth-fresheners is like icing on the cake.

Uttamaditya’s realty-interior concepts are always near to the nature around and culture of dwellers, this broadens the ingeniously pure Indian ethnic yet luxurious living lifestyle.

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