“I never give up——I am a typical Leo——my wish is my command,” -Mrunal Inamdar -marathon runner, PINKATHON ambassador, daughter, wife, mother, and a beauty specialist

Mrunal’s father was a Sanitary Inspector at Cantonment Board Dehu Road (CBDR), and mother was employed with Pune Municipal Corporation. Born in Pune, Maharashtra in 1975, Mrunal was the youngest amongst three-sisters —— she completed her graduation and holds a degree of Bachelor of Arts (B. A., B. Ed.) in English; she also did her Diploma in School Management, and enthusiastically learned Aroma-Therapy and Spa-Therapy. Mrunal got married in 1996, and is now mother of two kids- son, and a daughter. When her son was studying in nursery, she thought of having her own business——as a beginning she started beauty treatment and salon services from her home.

“Fitness is very important – the more healthier and fitter-the more you live, lively,”

In the year 2016, Mrunal enrolled herself in a 3 kilometres run——just after running a few metres, she realised she needed to work on her fitness——Mrunal’s different journey began, the ‘journey of fitness’ — she commenced her fitness training and exercises. And, throughout her fitness journey Mrunal has been inspired by her mother and her children——her husband has been her eternal support, always accompanying and encouraging her.

“When you are passionate about doing something, people around try to pull you down; but when your family is supportive, do not bother – just follow your passion,”

In the year 2017, Mrunal became the ‘Pinkathon Ambassador’; she was the only Pinkathon Ambassador to run ‘Spirit of Pinkathon’, the SoP run——here in this ‘SoP’ Mrunal met Milind Soman, the fitness promoter. During such runs, Mrunal realised the undue importance given to fitness wear——and, she decided to break the dress code barrier. She promoted the use of the humble Indian ‘Saree’.

In the year 2018, Mrunal Inamdar -mother-of-two ran the intercity run ‘Spirit of Pinkathon’ from Mumbai to Pune in a traditional ‘Nauvari Saree’ (9 yard saree worn in Maharashtra). During year 2017-18, Mrunal participated in several runs including the 2 days 21 kilometre run where the participants had to run continuously for six-hours. Mrunal also ran a 65 kilometre run (twice). In the year 2019 she ran a 15 kilometre race in Pune in a ‘Nauvari Saree’. Not stopping here, she participated in the ‘Spirit of Pinkathon’, Satara-to-Pune run of 140 kilometre stretch spanning over 3 days, and ‘Satara Hill Half Marathon’, again in a ‘Nauvari Saree’ — kudos to her!

“My husband has always accompanied me to encourage and cheer me during my every run or marathon——once I had to participate in a run, and my daughter had her terminal exams – my son took time off from his job in order to help her out at home, and free me for my run —— I am blessed with a lovely family——my in-laws are very proud of my achievements,” Mrunal acknowledges.

Today her aim is to get more healthier and fitter, day-by-day. Her message for women is: “Take care of yourself – concentrate on fitness, and be strong——help others — do things for yourself—whatever makes you happy – do it ——— do not just stand on your feet – run on your feet.”