“Paani puri is love. There was a time when I used to eat it everyday. Without missing a day. During that time, there wouldn’t have been a single Panipuri wala of a particular area whom I didn’t give a chance to serve me,” –POOJA DALAL DHOLAKIA

“Seeing pani puri in my plate is like… mere ‘Chappan Bhog’ mujhe mil gaye… I savour this dish dilse,” –SAREETA KARKHANIS

“I can eat it every day. We searched for PANI PURI in Leh also and we got it,” –DR. UJWALA PATIL

“Pani puri is Irrestible. No one can have only one. For me it is a complete food, with carbs, protein, fat, herbs, antioxidants, vitamins. Where potatoes, black chana, moong, mint, coriander, lemon, tamarind, jaggery is used. Along with me my hubby, my son and my pet Laika have become a bigger fan of panipuri. Bhushan now infact looks for panipuriwala on the roadside and enjoys eating directly. He says: tere saath meri bhi adat pad gayei hei, — so now whole family is a panipuri fan,” –GEETIKA SALUJA

“Muhme PANI haath me PURI, ho Jaye fatafat,” –ULHASBEN ZAVERI

“Thoughts on pani puri? I love PANI PURI! I crave for it when it’s more than 10 days and crave for it ten minutes after I’ve eaten it. Is there anyone who doesn’t! A tiny crisp bundle of tangy delight….like an edible tiny mirchi bomb with an explosion of flavours, tangy, sweet n spicy! –PRIYA SHANKARAN SATPATHY

“Pani is ‘Jeevan’, and PANI PURI is ‘Heaven’ — Pani Puri is absolutely irresistible.. It always tempts me to eat more and more.. one plate PANI PURI is never enough, — nowadays there are many flavours of pani puri, but the classic flavour is the best,” -SUPRIYA DAREKAR

“Hey.. it’s my favourite chaat item. The thought of panipuri itself brings a big smile on my face. I have a specific chaat shop for it and when I go there, no matter howsoever tempting the other chaat items are, I am totally focused on eating panipuri till my heart says to stop and to retain the taste, I don’t drink water for atleast next 30 minutes,” –SHIVANGI SHAHANE PHANSE