“Keep pursuing your goals – dreams; never hold yourself back — instead bounce back harder — realise your dreams,” -Subhashini Ramasubramanian – Director, Brand Associations at GurgaonMoms.com

Born in Bengaluru, Karnataka – Subhashini Ramasubramanian completed her schooling and graduation studies in Chennai, Tamil Nadu — and after acquiring her B. Com. degree, Subhashini worked in the Travel & Tourism industry, Telecom sector, and in the Retail sector for quite a few years. In the year 2005 she got married and moved to Delhi. After living in Delhi for some time the couple had to shift to Mumbai. In 2008, Subhashini gave birth to a baby girl and had to take a sabbatical — meanwhile again her husband’s job got them relocated to Gurgaon, Haryana. Here Subhashini’s passion to network and connect with people had her looking for opportunities to get back to work — her daughter then was in play school, and Subhashini decided to start up her own setup. Subhashini’s retail background helped her to study that Gurgaon has a potential market for Kanjeevaram Sarees, but had no Kanjeevaram Saree outlets. She decided and began her Kanjeevaram Saree business in 2013, operating from home. For this home-doing business Subhashini regularly used to participate in exhibitions — she also began exploring marketing options on social media where she got connected to GurgaonMoms.com. In the year 2014, Subhashini met the founder of GurgaonMoms.com Ms. Neela Kaushik — they instantly connected to each other and Subhashini was offered a position in the team. She joined as Director Brand Associations at GurgaonMoms.com, and then became one of the core committee members of the group. GurgaonMoms is a community of 35000+ members of enterprising and socially active moms — one of the largest Facebook community for mothers in NCR. GurgaonMoms regularly organises meetups, workshops for moms & children alike. Under this GurgaonMoms, ‘She Means Success’ is the other facebook community franchisee exclusive for entrepreneur members — this platform is created as an ecosystem to connect, collaborate, guide fellow members, inspire, support and empower women entrepreneurs.

Subhashini’s corporate experience with brands in previous jobs, and her analytical – networking skills have been instrumental in creating Annual Brand collaborations with leading brands for digital campaigns (from concept ideation to execution), and being a member of the organising committee Subhashini too helps in planning – organising, and executing the annual flagship event ‘The Mom Achievers Summit’, which has an audience of 350+ delegates. As a Director of Mom Entrepreneurship program, Subhashini organises workshops, networking events, holds Facebook live sessions featuring entrepreneurs and Online Sale to enable them to sell their products especially during the Lockdown 2020. Subhashini’s inspiration is her ‘work’, here she meets and knows success stories of such enterprising women entrepreneurs who had no business background and yet they grew.

Subhashini is grateful to her upbringing — and, for all her accomplishments in the corporate world, or having earned great respect and recognition at GurgaonMoms she credits her father, who as a lawyer working for a corporate, trained Subhashini from a very young age about the workings of the corporate world. Subhashini recalls and says, “My father taught me to ‘value people and take them along’, — that’s the reason why I am still connected with my childhood – school – college friends, and ex-colleagues till today,”. She is also thankful for the immense support she has received from her husband, daughter, and parents-in-law throughout her personal and professional journey. In near future Subhashini wishes to collaborate with various social causes to contribute significantly to the society, and she also has plans to again begin her own business setup.

While parting, Subhashini sends this message to today’s woman, “Never stop pursuing your goals and dreams. It is you who can do it yourself. Motherhood is a beautiful phase in a woman’s life and during this time too do not hold yourself back. Bounce back harder, realise your dreams and continue on your professional journey with the rich experience of motherhood.”