Word ‘narangi’ (in Hindi) for the fruit Orange is derived from the Sanskrit word nāraṅga, meaning ‘Orange Tree’, now this in turn is derived from a Dravidian root word ‘narandam’ -in Tamil (South Indian language) meaning bitter Orange. Then through Persian word ‘nārang’, this Sanskrit word nāraṅga reached the European language — and, from this in Arabic it was derived as, ‘nāranj’. Based on this Arabic word ‘nāranj’ the Pravencal word ‘auranja’ came in, the old French word ‘orenge’ came from this— and, in fourteenth century in Late Middle English the word ‘Orange’ entered through this old French word ‘orenge’ —— officially in 1512 the word ‘Orange’ was used as the name for Saffron colour. The fruit tree Orange originated in a province comprised of North-East India, Myanmar, and Southern China — for its sweet fruit, the Orange trees are grown in tropical and subtropical climates — and as the name-trail shows herein before, in the fourteenth century these sweet Orange trees were taken to Italy, Spain, and Portugal from India — well before this, only sour taste Oranges were grown in Italy. And, then from Europe these sweet Orange trees were taken to United States, South America, and Australia.



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Often Lime and Lemon are mistakenly believed to be similar, but actually they are distinct-know the similarities and dissimilarities of limes and lemons; the names of Indian lemon and worldly popular limes; the significance of word ‘Lemon’; differences between lime and lemon; and where India ranks in its production of lime and lemon — read details on lime and lemon here-

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GIFT TIP: Peel Oranges — take two-cups of Sugar and five cups of water, boil this mixture till Sugar melts well and converts to a syrup — take air-tight glass jar with lid — place peeled Orange slices nicely into it, and pour the sugar-syrup into the jar — close the lid, decorate it with beautiful threads, and gift this tasty Orange concoction to your loved ones.


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There are mainly five types of Oranges, and they are: Navel Orange, Blood Orange, Mandarin Orange, Tangerine, and Clementine. Then others are: Acid-less Orange, Seville Orange, Bergamot Orange, Trifoliata, Cara Cara Navel, Satsuma Orange, Pineapple Orange, Hamlin Orange, Jaffa Orange, Bahianinha Orange, Moro Tarocco Orange, Parson Brown Orange, Pera Orange, Bigaradier Apepu Orange, Bittersweet Daidai Orange, Gou Tou Orange, and Chinotto Orange. Orange fruit is a great source of Vitamin C — like many other animals, human bodies do not manufacture Vitamin C — as Vitamin C is vital for body growth, to heal wounds, and fight infection -people across the world have added the Orange fruit in their regular diet.

In the year 2012, around 70% of citrus production was recorded by sweet oranges — the year 2017, worldwide production of oranges is 73 million tonnes- of which, Brazil recorded 24%, followed by China and India.