“I own complete responsibility of my decisions, and I bear the consequences that arise out of them — ‘away or near to fruitful result’ means ‘failure or success’ indicates how much I was correct in my decision,” -Shivangi Shahane-Phanse, Interior Designer, Entrepreneur, Artist, and now an Author

A state level Chess player in school, Shivangi Shahane-Phanse always was inclined towards art. She used to do a lot of sketching – painting in her schooldays – she admits that, this art streak has been a stimulant for pursuing interior designing. Born-and-brought up in the rich-heritage-architectural city of Indore, Madhya Pradesh -Shivangi is the only child to both parents who held good positions in government departments. Nurtured in a protective environment, Shivangi wanted to pursue Fine Arts — her mother encouraged her to pursue Interior Designing — and in 2002, she qualified as an interior-designer from INIFD – Indore. In the year 2007, Shivangi got married to an architect- Amit Phanse, and she moved to Mumbai. In the initial years of her career, she took up jobs with distinguished architects, where she garnered a lot of practical experience. In year 2010, Shivangi started her own firm ‘ANS Design House’, where she was jointly practicing with her husband. Shivangi grew exponentially in her profession and her family too expanded. After her maternity break, Shivangi had to play a dual-role -her motherly duties along with her professional commitments — she handled the back end part of her profession, where responsibility at work were minimal. But, then the bumpy-ride of life started knocking at the door, and after a year it became evident that either Shivangi or Amit- her husband had to take up a job to match both ends of resources and needs. Her husband joined another firm and Shivangi now had the task to keep the company ‘ANS Design’ floating. That bumpy ride took her where at a point she had to wrap up the current setup and start from scratch as a freelancer. ‘Everything happens for a reason’, with this belief she moved on, and in one-year she turned the tables, she again commenced her work from a rented premise. But, her struggles had a different edge — she even had to vacate her rented office overnight, and again her home where the dining table-chair became her office — one business associate and staff of two employees was the strength — travelling in a sample packed car, going office hunting was the memorable life-experience she reminisces about. Well, all said and done, she bounced back and within a span of two-years Shivangi escalated her business and then in another one year her husband joined her back in the firm.

Today, while this is being written Shivangi as an entrepreneur has completed ten-years, and her firm caters to designing of commercial and residential projects both. Shivangi as an inspiring-entrepreneur and eminent interior-designer has been covered in various magazines and periodicals, and she has also been a speaker on various forums and platforms.

“Coming from a tier-two city and settling in Mumbai my Karmabhoomi is a milestone, and there are many more to achieve,” -Shivangi Shahane-Phanse.

Shivangi considers her husband and her son as her staunch supporters. She says, “My family support me in what ever I do for my career, in fact they are always co operative and understanding”. Shivangi explores her love for art by sculpting, sketching, and painting — now every year she sculpts her Ganesh idol during the Ganapati festival. During this lockdown 2020, Shivangi painted three of her home walls with beautiful Indian Folk-Art murals. She is also passionate about photography, fitness, travelling and long-distance driving (Shivangi twice participated in ‘TIMES WOMEN’S DRIVE, from Mumbai-to-Goa’) — Shivangi’s bucket list is a long one but a few to be mentioned here are: her wish to sponsor education for atleast five girls; be featured as among the top ten designers in India; and, the fire-in-the-belly is to be a ‘celebrity interior designer’. Shivangi has also written a book ‘The Blue Print of my Destiny’, (while this is written, it is soon to be published) and has plans to write two more books further. Finally, she says, “I believe nothing is impossible – follow your passion and don’t delay – own up to responsibilities and take it your own way — achieve dreams and goals, ‘you have the power in you’,”.