Dhokla pure vegetarian cuisine fondly eaten in western province of India as breakfast, or a side dish in main course, or as snack. The history of this mastered steamed culinary art is traced downed in a Jain text dated to 1066 CE, where a fermented batter made out of a balance proportion of rice and split chickpeas is mentioned as Dukkia — ‘Dhokra’ is the actual pronunciation of the word in Gujarati Varanaka Samuchaya around 1520CE. In delicacy-appearance Dhokla and Khaman is very similar, and out of Gujarat State of India Khaman is often misunderstood as Dhokla.

Dhokla, basically is made out of rice and pulses soaked over a night – then mix grinned and fermented for four-to-five hours — this batter then spiced with either Red Chilli powder or chopped Green Chilli, Ginger, finely chopped Green Coriander leaves as an option, Salt-to-Taste, and a dash of Backing-Soda is added for its soft spongy bite. Dhokla’s cuisine colour is White.

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Khaman is made out of pure Chickpeas Gram-Flour thick consistency batter, and this batter need not to be fermented — Citric Acid or Lime Juice, Turmeric Powder, Sugar, Salt-to-Taste, and here too Backing-Soda is added to make steamy Khaman fluffy – spongy. Khaman Cuisine colour is Yellow. Khaman preparation is speedy then that of Dhokla, as the entire batter fermentation process is eliminated. These Dhokla or Khaman batter is then finally platted in oil-grease plate and then steamed for 15-20 minutes in steamer-vessel.

Square-Diamond Cut pieces of steamed Dhokla or Khaman is then seasoned in hot edible oil with Mustard seeds, Asafoetida, Fenugreek seeds, Sesame seeds, chopped Green Chillies, Curry leaves — and finally this all season – all time favourite – all-rounder-dish is garnished with grated coconut, and fresh chopped Green Coriander leaves. Dhokla and Khaman is often served with vivid tangy-spicy-sweet chutneys. As culinary evolves and time passes, Dhokla has now different varieties, flavours, looks, and tastes – they are mainly: Toor-Dal Dhokla, Rava Dhokla, Mix-Dal Dhokla, Sandwich Dhokla, Khatta Dhokla, Rasia Dhokla, and Khaman Dhokla. Before concluding about these diverse culinary art, there’s one more variety of Dhokla needs to be mentioned, and it is ‘Idada’. Idada is made of Rice and Black Gram Lentils (in India popularly known as Urad-Dal) instead of Chickpeas.

So, make delicious vivid Indian classical delicacies of Dhokra or Khaman, and relish it as breakfast, or as a side dish in main course, or as a snack- well don’t forget to spread this distinct story of their respective culinary art.

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