“After 20 years as a medical practitioner, there is no greater satisfaction today than holding a new born baby in my arms after being delivered in a natural and safe way, and the smile on the mother’s face. These I feel are my greatest achievements”, -Dr. Ujwala Patil – Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, a mother, and passionate about natural birthing

Dr. Ujwala Patil, born in Marathwada- town of Latur, Maharashtra, India, pursued her MBBS from Pune University in 1996. During her post-graduation studies, Ujwala got married, and while she appeared for her second-year exams in the year 2000, she was six-months pregnant with her first child. Dr. Ujwala attained her degree of DGO from Pravara Medical College, MUHS- and was the University topper. Her husband too was pursuing his higher studies – Ujwala decided to share her family’s financial responsibilities, she handed over her son in her mother’s care and started working as a Registrar in Mumbai. After a year she got a position in a Government hospital in Mangaon in Raigad district, Maharashtra, India, where she practiced as a gynaecologist for one year, and later started her own fifteen-bedded hospital. In the year 2007, Dr. Ujwala got pregnant with her second child -and post her second delivery she moved to Pune, Maharashtra, India. In Pune, Dr. Ujwala after practicing with reputed hospitals for a year, started her own clinic, ‘Vedant’. Then in the year 2011 she eventually opened her hospital ‘Polaris Healthcare’ (a world class health care facility with a team of highly qualified and experienced doctors from various fields). Also, along side this since 2018, Dr. Ujwala also chairs as Director of ‘Vision Next Charitable Trust’, which runs ‘Dattatray Walse Patil Hospital’ -an eye care hospital in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

In her professional journey Dr. Ujwala has passionately pursued ‘natural birthing’, she admits it as fascinating her from her post graduation days. And, this inclination towards natural birthing practices had her introduced to Lamaze International -a USA based non profit organisation promoting safe and healthy birth practices. Dr. Ujwala says, “Around 85% to 95% of pregnancy cases are low risk, and do not require much medical intervention for delivery of a baby, it could be done by natural birth procedures. It is important to make a woman understand how her body is designed for birth. Awareness about the body’s natural birth abilities needs to be encouraged and provided”. As an LCCE (Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator), Dr Ujwala believes educating women about the delivery processes, labour pains and general health is imperative for a stress free, smooth, natural delivery of a baby.

In 2018, Dr. Ujwala had been awarded the Icons of Health title – Certification in Endoscopy, Certification in Cosmetology and FOGSI Training in Infertility are some of the other professional titles attained by her.

Dr. Ujwala credits her husband, her sons, her parents and parents-in-law for their unconditional support extended in her professional journey – her father is her role-model, and she especially thanks her father-in-law for encouraging her to pursue gynaecology where she eventually found her calling to be an LCCE.

Dr. Ujwala Patil is on a mission to promote natural birth practices in India and encourage women to understand, nurture and believe in their body. Alongwith natural health practices she also wants to create awareness about psychological health during pregnancy. To further contribute towards this cause she is today administrator and part of ‘Mums and Chums’ -Community Group on Facebook, for mothers and to-be-mothers. Here in ‘Mums and Chums’, doctors from various fields answer queries related to pregnancy, motherhood and childcare, and the motive of this group is to increase mother’s confidence in her ability to give normal birth.

“As a woman it has been a great journey – from my life experiences personally and professionally, I feel that in critical times woman should accept things as they are, be calm and find solutions for any problem. Believe in yourself. Reach out to people and you will see there is always help to be found”, -some pointers given by Dr. Ujwala Patil as her signing off message to all women today.