“I buried this ‘log kya kahenge’ thought very early in life. Every such obstructing belief hinders our life — woman must express wholeheartedly and be herself,” -Dr. Geetika Saluja – entrepreneur, educationist, and environmentalist.

Though born into a conservative social culture of a Marwari family, Geetika and her sister were always encouraged by their parents to pursue higher studies, and Geetika’s determination to attain the honorific of doctor is resultant of this inspiration. After completing her Master of Science in Microbiology degree, Geetika got married into a Punjabi family -it is a love-marriage.

In the year 1998, Geetika Saluja and her husband launched a manufacturing unit of handcrafted Victorian and Gothic doors and windows hardware- ‘Cassa Group’. She enjoyed the challenging role of a designer -creating, crafting and connecting with the artisans in her factory. Well, her perfect time management allowed her to do something more in life, Geetika began attending college, and started pursuing her B. Ed (Bachelor in Education) degree right alongside raising up her son and managing her home. Geetika’s industrious strait had her working as a faculty in Higher Secondary School, and managing Middle School along with her studies, and not stopping here, she further went on to acquire her Masters Degree, and finally in the year 2013 attained her PhD in education.

Geetika’s PhD studies culminated into research of a revolutionary pattern of education which strives towards ‘making a competitive classroom into a cooperative one’, — her research paper won her the ‘Global Teacher Accreditation award’ by British Council. And today, ‘The Pedagogy of Life Skills, Students Oriented Curriculum and the Assessment of Life Skills’, an important study by Geetika has been refelected in NEP (National Education Policy) 2020. She has also been awarded by the ‘Women’s Achiever Award’ by a prestigious media house, and also received many other accolades for her work in the fields of education and environment studies. Geetika has authored various research articles and has also mentored students and educators for Education in Sustainable Development coordinated by Centre for Environment Education in collaboration with Lund University, Sweden and IT giants like: Microsoft, WIPRO and many more. In the year 2018, Geetika launched her retail decor brand ‘BOHO Homes’, a 15000 square feet gallery, showcasing complete range of indoor – outdoor furniture, and architectural aesthetics like: vintage doors, door-surrounds, pillars, lamp-posts, fountains, and gazebos. The sole motive behind this venture is to retain ancient Indian artistry through fundamentals of refurbish, repurpose, reclaim, and recycle.

Geetika Saluja, a nature lover and environmentally conscious, shares her birthday with International Environment Day — as an avid environmentalist (she likes to call herself a Eco-Communicator), she has conducted many activities like distributing over 6000 fruiting and 115 banyan trees to schools, factories, resorts, farmhouses in and around the city of Ahmedabad, India. And, during the lockdown in mid 2020, she launched a web-series namely ‘LASI Talks’ (Learn, Act, Share, and Inspire), to encourage and educate people about gardening and farming. Geetika runs a group on WhatsApp by the name ‘I am an Eco-Warrior’, where members can connect and seek information on gardening or farming related activities. The aim of Geetika’s such environment friendly activities is: Plantation, Management, Maintenance, and Environment Conservation. Socially, Geetika also has worked in association with the Traffic Department of Ahmedabad, India and conducted workshops to spread awareness about road-safety, and the importance of wearing a helmet by the pillion motorcyclists.

“When I retire and look back, I should be content to feel that I have made a difference in people’s lives”, Geetika Saluja always says this.

Geetika mainly mentioned about two people in her life: in early days her mother; and, now her husband as her strong support system. Geetika in her message to today’s women, says “Don’t underestimate yourself. Financial stability is important but do not compromise on your identity in any way. Come out of the mindset of ‘Log kya kahenge’. Express yourself wholeheartedly and be remembered for yourself”.