“Biscuit loves me unconditionally – Biscuit is not judgemental,” -Divya Madhur – an entrepreneur, consultant, a certified healer, a single mother to a son and daughter (her adorable dog, ‘Biscuit’).

Witnessing her mother’s hardships as a single-parent, Divya Madhur began earning and started sharing the economic responsibilities at an early age. She took up a part time job to pursue her post graduation diploma degree in Advertising and Marketing Communication, and completed her graduation degree in Retailing. Divya fondly remembers her marketing job of selling books door to door, a job where cold calling sales approach boosted her confidence and taught her many marketing lessons. In the last sixteen years Divya has worked in many roles in Branding, Public Relations, Sales Promotion, Advertising, Event Management, Packing and Printing, TV Commercials production, in Delhi, Singapore (for a short span), and now in Bengaluru, India.

Years 2015 to 2018, Divya’s life witnessed major changes- she suffered from many illnesses, and had to quit her job. Divya Madhur started her own consulting from home. In the year 2018, she was introduced to a ThetaHealing practitioner and, this has changed the whole outlook of her life -from a person who believed is unloved and unwanted, to a woman who loves herself so much that she has a lot to give to the world – she turned a Certified ThetaHealing Practitioner practicing Healing and Coaching in 2019. Another major factor which made Divya love herself more is ‘Biscuit’, her adopted stray dog. Divya calls ‘Biscuit’ her daughter. In her introduction Divya says, “Biscuit loves me unconditionally – whenever I am down and out, or angry, she just knows it instinctively and just comes up next to me to comfort me. Biscuit does not judge me at all.”

“Women! follow your heart, all the answers are within you, just learn to tune in and listen,”

Today, Divya says, “I love being a healer. My empathetic nature is a boon which I believe can help me to be a channel to spread love to humans and animals alike,”. Divya is currently working on creating modules for interpersonal skills, soft skills, coaching sessions, healing programs & products related to healing humans and animals through her company ‘DivyArc OPC Pvt Ltd’ (the Sanskrit meaning of DivyArc is ‘divine brilliance’). She also wants to build a home for animals and children, all aimed at spreading love, unconditionally.