“IN MY FORMATIVE YEARS, I WAS OFTEN LABELED AS ‘KAAMCHOR’ AND I RESOLVED TO TAKE THIS LABEL AS MY BRAND IDENTITY,” -Tipti Kheria Aggarwal – YouTuber, food blogger, cook, media professional, and a devoted mother


Tipti Kheria Aggarwal has had an experience of working in the Radio, Television, and Print industry in various spheres of Brand Communication, Marketing, Sales, and Digital spectrum for the past fifteen years. With her media assignments, she also pursued and attained her Masters in Advertising & Marketing degree. Today also, as a professional serving a large media conglomerate and exploring all the facets of the media world from ideation – to brand communications – to business strategy, Tipti has stayed in touch with her food-love. She has been blogging, doing product reviews, and been a food critic, Tipti graced culinary shows as a chef and now heads her own venture ‘Kaamchor Ki Rasoi Se’ since the year 2013.

On asking Tipti -why the name ‘Kaamchor Ki Rasoi Se’? Tipti explained: “In my formative years I was often labeled as ‘Kaamchor’- ‘Kaamchor’, a Hindi synonym to ‘person who avoids work’. I always wondered why people label me so. I loved to cook, but since I was very fast in my work people couldn’t see me do much work. Also, I was a bit messy around the kitchen like any kid would be, and therefore my mother was a bit strict, but I still cooked behind her back. Once an aunty really hit a nerve when I was told that- ‘I couldn’t do anything – not even hold a spoon in a pan’, -Kaamchor’ was also added here. And, that just did it- I resolved to take this label as my Brand Identity, and my journey as a foodie and food enthusiast began – when I decided to start my own venture I named it ‘Kaamchor Ki Rasoi Se’, — see your life is a classroom, and people around are the good and the bad teachers, people teach you a lot,” and she smiles mischievously. Tipti in her food journey has been awarded numerous times as a media professional and has also collected many accolades as an amateur chef.

Women have many challenging roles to play – the most challenging of them all is motherhood,” -Tipti Kheria Aggarwal.


Thoroughly inspired by her mother and her constant support, Tipti today as a mother herself says, “Motherhood is a conscious balancing act for me. But I am loving it. I have the choice to do what I want to do and how much of it I want to do”. She wants to achieve much more as a mother and make every moment beautiful for her child – and as a chef, she wants to experiment, adapt to many new things and keep on learning.

Tipti’s message for the women of today sums up her exuberant persona aptly here: “All women remember, ‘to be successful you got to be smart and strong’ – ‘to be beautiful you got to be kind and forgiving’ – ‘to be confident, you got to be badass and passionate’ – ‘to be knowledgeable you got to be an explorer, an adventurer’ – and lastly, ‘to be unique you got to be you because there’s no one like you on this planet!’”