“Growing up in Ahmedabad – Gujarat I was wild about kite flying… and that day – that moment I decided not to fly kites, never ever,” -Kalpan Shah

As an eight year old kid, Kalpan Shah got entranced by the animation and graphical representation of dinosaurs in the year 1993 film ‘Jurassic Park’ (for a young child magical world). Well, since childhood, Kalpan had an intense love for animals – interestingly it was interwoven with his fondness for art. On attaining degrees in Commerce and Diploma in Applied Art, Kalpan Shah joined into mainstream mass communication – today he heads ‘Ranniti’, a strategic media planning and branding agency. Well all through this, Kalpan has never forgotten his animal love. He aligned himself with ‘Jivdaya Charitable Trust’, Ahmedabad, India- an animal welfare organisation working towards rescuing and treating injured and diseased animals and birds. Kalpan’s introduction to welfare work also is an interesting anecdote, he narrates: “Growing up in Ahmedabad – Gujarat I was wild about kite flying. As a teenager, on the day of ‘Uttarayan’, the vibrant kite festival, I never alighted from the terrace – on that day I skipped my lunch too. One such Uttarayan while flying a kite, I noticed a bird being injured by a ‘manja’ (thread used for flying a kite) and falling onto the terrace near me. I immediately picked up the injured bird and dialled an animal welfare helpline – I was directed to take the bird to Jivdaya Charitable Trust. On reaching there I was stunned- all the young volunteers and staff members continuously working on the different manja-injured animals and birds coming in from all over Ahmedabad city. Looking at all these animals suffering, I realized, unknowingly I too could be responsible for causing injury to other such birds or animals – and that day – that moment I decided not to fly kites, never ever. And, thus my journey with Jivdaya Trust had begun,”.

“My life – my values, all seem for a definite purpose – I am living with a purpose, fully, – I love animals – I have my adopted strays,” -Kalpan Shah, holder of Masters degree in Commerce, an artist, entrepreneur, a nature photographer, and an avid animal lover.

Now for last eight years, Kalpan has been a active contributor in the various activities and welfare work carried out at Jivdaya Charitable Trust assisting and coordinating to improve the functionality of the rehabilitation centre and has also been working on the communication strategy of the trust.

During lockdown 2020, Kalpan along with the other trustees and members of Jivdaya decided to feed the stray dogs in Ahmedabad – they gave a call for help on social media platforms, and citizens in Ahmedabad donated generously- a systematic execution plan helped in seeing to around 600 stray dogs being fed, daily.

Kalpan has always had his entire family supporting him in his noble activities. He says “If a stream decides not to merge into the river then how will an ocean come into existence. My life, my values all seem for a definite purpose. And I think that it is in serving these animals and birds – I am living with purpose, fully. My grandfather once said that, if you enjoy your work – even serving animals- you are serving the country. Society has given us a lot. We should give back – responsibly”.