“Today all women need to work collectively- then society will look at a woman in a better light,” -Iti Rawat

Iti Rawat started off her career in the corporate world – after working with many renowned organisations for many years, she ignited her self-reliant spirit, working the entrepreneur way. During her maternity leave she too conceived an idea of a online training academy for the retail industry, and a business was born in the year 2014, she named it as ‘THINK HALL’. Today, her THINK HALL has been tagged as one of the Top 5 startups.

By 2016-17, Iti comprehended that there weren’t as many women entrepreneurs in the startup ecosystem- she discerned she had to do something constructive and encourage women to be entrepreneurs -she founded an NGO, WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS For Transformation, WEFT, in the year 2018.

Iti Rawat- a motivational speaker, founder and consultant at THINK HALL Academy, and founder of a not for profit organization- ‘WEFT’ (Women Entrepreneurs for Transformation).

Since 2018 in WEFT, Iti Rawat started forming a network of like minded women entrepreneurs who have come together to share their experiences and know-how with such professional women who have either started their business or aspiring to begin their own ventures. Today round about 1500 members of WEFT hold many events with guest speakers, facilitating better network to women professionals. And for this in 2019, Iti has been awarded as ‘The Social Leader of the Year‘ by the Indian Business Women Summit, in Mumbai, Maharashtra -and, consecutively she was again felicitated with the title of ‘Leader with Purpose’ by Leadership Summit and Awards in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Iti Rawat has been a keynote speaker for many international events and has also been nominated as the TOP10 Speaker by ‘SpeakIn’ (Asia’s largest network of speakers). Further more, Iti Rawat is appointed Entrepreneurship cell Leadership Committee Member by ‘ASSOCHAM Women Economic Forum’ – Karnataka Council, and still she continues to collect more accolades for her work.

The current pandemic health situation has changed many eco and socio dynamics, WEFT too has experienced a new shift- during the lockdown in mid 2020, WEFT received many calls for help from women- victims of domestic violence. There were lot of cries for help, Iti did know that still there are many unreported cases underneath – Iti Rawat adopted and reframed RED DOT initiative; any woman who needed help had to put a RED DOT on her palm to inform about the atrocities silently. RED DOT initiative helped WEFT to reach out to many victims, and with media support Iti Rawat and WEFT-volunteers rescued many domestic violence victims. Not stopping here, Iti wants to spearhead this initiative and provide sustainable livelihood too to such domestic abuse victims.

Strongly supported by her family, as a woman Iti says her professional journey till date has been overwhelming. But, been brought up by parents who gave her and her sisters complete freedom to chase their dreams, Iti today is a very agile and a flexible personality. An out an out extrovert, she has always taken up various challenges and has some resolute missions to achieve in the future: Firstly, to work towards eliminating gender inequality; and secondly, to eradicate domestic violence from our society.

At the end of today’s conversation she said, ‘Women are very powerful – they don’t need to seek support from others – they should find their trigger and rediscover themselves’.