“I am encouraged by the good comments on my videos —negative comments alert me to improve on my content,” -Shlok Darekar (Indian YouTuber)

“It’s my experience – my knowledge I want to share – I want to get connected with as many people via ‘BrightBOX’ (his YouTube channel http://YouTube.com/BrightBOX)”, this is what you get to hear from a spirited enterprising youngster ‘Shlok Darekar’- a twelve year YouTuber from India.

Shlok Darekar, a music aspirant – studying in Eighth-Grade, on his own selects subjects, digs out facts for it, unescorted scripts it, and solely records, edits and himself presents it on BrightBox in either skit, short film or in an interview format as the subject demands its presentation. Watching YouTube Kids, this enterprising brainy lad had decided that he wants ‘to be a YouTuber’, he was just an Eight-Year old – well, at this age he was permitted to study, play the Guitar, and games for a few hours and could only dream about having his own YouTube channel.

The lockdown 2020 curbed every outdoor activity, and brought the world to a stand-still : Peeping out from a home balcony or window is the only way to view and feel the silent city. Shlok turned this imposed null-span in to a productive phase of his life – taking advantage of heavy traffic on booming social media, he launched ‘BrightBox’ -his dream YouTube channel. On asking about comments and feedback on his channel -Shlok says, “I am encouraged by the good comments on my videos —negative comments alert me to improve on my content”.

Along-side academic-study, and now creating videos content for his channel, Shlok loves to read books and does software coding- and when asked, “Apart from being a YouTuber, what do you want to be in future?” – “I want to be a Software-Engineer too, and wish to code games,” promptly he replies.

Shlok on his modelling assignment

This academically brilliant boy also represents his school’s Basket-Ball Team, and: Holds a first-rank in International English Olympiad; was in the list of 100 finalists for the RAMAN YOUNG SCIENTIST AWARD 2018 and 2019; is a National 12th rank winner at MAARs, and till now he has won more than 150 prizes in elocution, poem recitation, monologues, and Sanskrit Pathan at Mani Bhavan, Prem Puri Ashram, Kala Vikas, and at Sanskruti Kaladarpan. Shlok also has acted and modeller for an ad commercial film for brand LUPIN Pharma, and DR. REDDY’S – and, also appeared in a print campaign for KARM EDUCATIONAL GROUP – we learnt about all these achievements from his mother Supriya Darekar while summing up of our conversation.

“Shlok has a long way to go in his beautiful life, and the future- his brilliant contributions need to get noted and acknowledged — our blessings are with him always,” -Supriya Darekar concludes.