“The first time I was told that I was too weak to walk – I ended up building my stamina and walking 20 Kms every day. So yes, this time around I’d love to run a Marathon”, -Priya Shankaran Satpathy

She calls herself: A Culturally Indian woman- can fluently speak Odiya, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil along side Hindi and English language as a Voice Over Artist; a soft-skill corporate communication trainer; Cake Designer; Home Chef; Nutritionist; Personal Trainer… and a full time mom to two kids and a wife.

Priya Shankaran Satpathy, born to parents from different South Indian states, primarily educated and brought up in Jamshedpur- then in Bihar, now in Jharkhand (Priya’s turning into a voice over artist was all due to the encouragement given to her by her School teacher and Vice principal. Her compering abilities as a school kid and encouragement gave her the confidence to pursue the voice-over-artist profession), then completed her graduation from Nagpur, Maharashtra, and finally got married to a gentleman from Orissa, now she lives with her family in Hyderabad, that’s the secret of her command over many Indian languages.

When Priya was expecting her first child, she started pursuing her long forgotten passion for painting (‘Painter’, missed mentioning it above), and her very first artwork fetched her an award; now, she is a professional painter too.

Priya’s curious nature had her always questioning and experimenting with various things, her love for art and food started her off on her journey of baking. Watching videos and learning from books, Priya started ‘Choc O Belle’ -her cake designing and baking studio. Well, today she caters to the who’s who of Hyderabad, and bakes wonderful theme cakes- even for the superstar Rajnikant himself. Her passion for cooking had her cooking delicacies from different cuisines – plating and photographing these dishes reflected her expertise in food photography also (one more feather in her cap). Priya’s friends encouraging words had her modifying her passion into a home kitchen venture ‘Royal Flavours’, and gradually her food-love prodded her to write about food- now she writes food and travel articles for e magazines.

During such professional acquirements at peak, Priya was diagnosed with PCOS and was under severe depression – her emotional eating and medication for depression took a toll on her health and Priya’s weight shot up to 100 kgs within months – on the other hand, her father was unwell and hospitalised -she lost her father. This irrecoverable loss woke her up – Priya threw out all her medicines and decided to get her life on track. She started walking up to 15 to 20 kms a day and emphasised on eating only healthy food- this chase helped her lose weight drastically – following this Priya did her course in Nutrition and eventually became a fitness trainer; she believes, ‘You grow only when you empower others’. Taking this fitness funda forward, she started a support group on WhatsApp by the name ‘Fit N Fabulous’ -Priya provides free consultations on health and fitness to the members of this group.

Today she is also a soft skills and communication trainer, wherein she has trained many in IT and ITES companies in Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata for the last 16 years. Priya also runs a linguistic firm ‘Touchstone Transmedia’ in association with her husband. On asking, who all inspire her- she replied, ‘Life itself has been my biggest inspiration – my children, my husband inspire me, and finally.. something within me… which keeps making me reach out to do the things I love and the fulfillment it brings me’.

Priya is proud of everything: all her professional achievements and additionally, for also being an HOD and primary school teacher to young kids for three years. She affirms that professionally she has had a great and satisfying journey, ‘It’s not so much about the ambition of achievement but more about the satisfaction that comes from making people happy. I believe true achievement is always an inner job. Whatever enriches your inner being is an achievement’, are her thoughts.

Priya’s resilience, bounce back attitude, patience, perseverance, optimism, compassion and ability to see the best in people and learning from mistakes are her strengths. In her message for today’s women she says: “Believe in yourself, in your worth – love yourself… be forgiving of yourself… put yourself on a pedestal – do not depend on anyone outside of yourself to make you feel worthy or loveable. Don’t set standards for the movie of your life based on the trailer of others that you see online or outside. Radiate happiness and love, we as women have been blessed with special powers to do that! Your feminine energy is your greatest strength, don’t forget that”.

Priya, still has an endless list of things to learn, chiefly she wants to work towards ventures to help and empower more women. She also wants to write a book on Fitness, Food and Philosophy. Currently, at a stage where Priya is diagnosed with a painful health condition which restricts her from some physical activity, she is adamant and does not believe in a ‘No’, even to herself- “The first time I was told that I was too weak to walk – I ended up building my stamina and walking 20 Kms every day. So yes, this time around I’d love to run a Marathon”, she says with her unbroken fighting spirit.