What more does Chaula Doshi want to achieve – she utters the very famous lines of Mirza Ghalib: ‘Hazaron Khwahishen aisi, ki har Khwahish pe dam nikle’. Over fifteen-years Chaula Doshi has held over fifty-five art exhibitions and installations all over India and abroad in places like: UK, Spain, Kuwait and she has been awarded and honoured by many renowned institutions of India. Chaula reminisces about her childhood where she was always surrounded with paints and colours. She is a well reckoned painter by own experience and without any formal training in the fine arts. After graduation she did her Diploma in Fashion Designing and dabbled for quite some time in the fashion industry. But the artist in her kept on pushing her towards the visual art. This drove her towards doing art related shows for Doordarshan. Also she explored her opportunities abroad and travelled to Kuwait as a curator for various art affairs. A through and through creative soul- Chaula Doshi is a painter, photographer, columnist, poet, and also an art – literature enthusiast. ‘Obstacles in your path can be the biggest source of motivation’ says Chaula. She is someone who believes, ‘too much support would not have helped me be such a determined and strong headed person’. Pursuing her passion for art wasn’t encouraged in Chaula’s initial years of her career – she had to face a lot of hurdles not only professionally but personally too. There came a tough phase in life when she had to tackle some health issues, and in those difficult times it was her two sons and her friends who stood by her. ‘For ever my both sons encourage me to do better everyday- they are extremely caring and supportive towards my work’, -Chaula proudly says this.

Chaula’s love for art and literature is reflected in the photography she does, and also evident through her nazms or poems -Chaula herself vocalises these poems on her YouTube channel. ‘Every woman is talented – she should work on it – women must make her own identity – Women show your talent to the world’, -is Chaula’s robust-note for today’s women. Her contribution to the art and literature world is manifested through ‘Kalansh’ (her solely created platform to promote art and literature through events and interactive sessions with renowned personalities from the stream). Moreover, she wants to write and publish a book – work in various art environments – wants to do still more art residencies in different parts of India and the world. Well in conclusion, many miles to go but still moving strongly ahead is this thoroughly emotive and passionate woman, ‘Chaula Doshi’.