“Love yourself then no matter whatever the difficulty- you can achieve your goals”, – Dhwani Ila (ALGARI)

Dhwani Ila- her love for music metamorphosed into love for art. Her inspiration to play the saxophone have been music artists like Raghav Sachar, Kenny G, Graziatto and Grace Kelly among others. Dhwani successfully plays the piano and has learnt to play twenty four musical instruments in all till date. As a saxophonist, she has been giving many live performances in Gujarat and the whole country.

‘Music is my life’ -Dhwani Ila

‘Music is my life’. This is what the music artist, pianist and first female saxophonist of Gujarat, Dhwani Ila has to say. Her love for Art has now driven her to train in the Contemporary dance form.

A heart rending incident of Body Shaming at a very young age made her resolve to be fit and healthy which in turn led to her love for Zumba. And today she is an accomplished Zumba Instructor. Through her fitness journey her constant supporters have been Mr. Dheeraj Sud – Zumba Education Specialist and Mr. Hardik Pandya – Zumba Instructor Network, but Dhwani’s inspiration have always been her parents. She calls her parents her best-friends. She shares a beautiful relationship with them where she can discuss just about anything with them. They have been her pillar of strength throughout, be it her music, fitness or her dance pursuits.

On basis of her self experiences from childhood to a young woman Dhwani has learnt to be more spiritual and patient as she advises the youngsters of today. ‘Be yourself and pursue whatever you love, and money will follow’- says this young dynamo.

Lastly, Dhwani expresses that she still has many dreams to fulfill like being a Zumba Jammer, a contemporary dancer- and, one of those dreams is to build an Art World where she wants to propagate mental health awareness through art. Nothing seems impossible for this exuberant girl – “if you love yourself then no matter whatever the difficulty- you can achieve your goals”, she concludes.

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