Bhumika’s journey as a photographer began 15 years ago where after acquiring a Master’s degree in Advertising, she pursued Photography which was one of the subjects in the course. Bhumika bought her first SLR camera and did a project for the Tourism department where she covered the temples of India. Bhumika’s quest and curiosity has led her to explore wonderful places like the Mansarovar, the majestic Himalayas, Rajasthan, Goa, and the temples and pilgrim places of Gujarat like Mount Girnar, Pavagadh, Shamlaji, Dwarka, the Sun temple, the Uparkot caves of Junagadh, and many more. Bhumika has completed numerous photo documentaries of different famous Indian fairs and festivals like the Tarnetar, Uttarayan, Ganesh Chaturthi to Visarjan – her work has been published in many renowned magazines and journals like: The Lonely Planet travel magazine and Asian Voice- London. Bhumika has also been honoured with many prestigious awards, and the most reckoned is: The Lalitkala Academy Award. As a travel photographer, capturing the glorious river Ganga and the rituals related to its puja or doing a photo documentary on the toy making or Benarasi saree industry of Benaras, Bhumika has done it all.

‘Be a good human and give back to the society. No matter whatever field you are in contribute in whichever way you can.’ -Bhumika Bhavsar

Bhumika’s constant support and motivators have always been her entire family. At the beginning of her career as a travel photographer, solo travelling wasn’t encouraged as much as it is now. But her parents always permitted her to go or travel anywhere and everywhere in pursuit of her passion. Bhumika’s photography-travels as the official photographer for the Tribal Development Department, Government of Gujarat, takes her to the interiors of Gujarat to photograph the lives of the tribals. Her passion for capturing the elusive, draws her to such unexplored places time and again.

Bhumika also works with various NGOs on photo documentaries, and photography workshops for the underprivileged, where she teaches the importance of storytelling in visual communication to the young aspirants, the learning focus is: how to observe the subject – get connected with it, and then tell its story through photos.

Lastly, Bhumika in her journey as a travel photographer has a message for all young professionals: ‘Be a good human and give back to the society. No matter whatever field you are in contribute in whichever way you can.’